Boss Battle Mode on the GC

So yeah, like the title says, how do you access the Boss battle mode on the Gamecube version of Cvs2 EO? I’ve unlockled S.Akuma and U.Rugal, and after that I unlocked Boss Battle mode. Except that I can’t find where to access this option, I think it involves holding certain buttons down and selecting Arcade mode, but I’m unsure…

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Also, after beating Boss Battle mode, are the EX options unlocked like on the PS2 version?

When you’re choosing your battle type(ratio, single, 3-3), hold lp and mp. Use start to go through the menus. Hold lp and mp until the first round starts, just for good luck. Although I’m fairly sure you only need to hold it during battle type and groove selection. Make sure to use start and not lk to advance.

You’ll know if it works because you’ll be picking ratio mode(for testing), and the first round will pit you against a ratio 4.
The only easy way out is to pick 3 on 3, and that way only the CPU’s last character of the 3 will be a boss.

It worked Shin Ace, thanks a bunch man. Peace! :smokin: