Boss Masturbates on Coworker- Victim Awarded 96 Million Dollars

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A St. Louis woman who said she was hit on the head with her boss’ genitals was awarded what her attorneys believe is the largest payout ever in an American sexual harassment lawsuit.
Ashley Alford was awarded $95 million in compensation from The Aaron’s Inc., a large rent-to-own furniture chain after she said the store failed to act after a manager allegedly assaulted her twice in one day, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
“This company has always denied responsibility and continues to deny its responsibility to its workers,” Judy Cates, who originally filed Alford’s suit, told the newspaper.
She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionthat the award was likely to be capped because of federal law and will be closer to $40 million, plus attorney fees.
Alford claimed that the store’s then-manager, Richard Moore, gave her inappropriate nicknames and touched her inappropriately when she first began working there in 2005.

*Nearly a year after she was hired, she claimed, he came up to her in the stock room and whacked her on the head with his penis. Then, later that day, he lifted her shirt and masturbated over her as he held her down, she said.

He did not return to work after those incidents.
Months before the final incident, Alford said she called the employee harassment hotline, but an investigator never got back to her. The suit also claims that she was denied a promotion for reporting the harassment.

The company dismissed the award as a classic case of a “runaway jury.”
“Aaron’s is extremely disappointed with the jury’s verdict and believes that the award does not accurately reflect the evidence that was presented in this case,” said Chad Strickland, vice president of associate resources for Aaron’s. “We feel strongly that this verdict is the result of a decision made by a classic runaway jury and because of that we are confident that the damages will be greatly reduced. We intend to appeal the verdict and seek a fairer and more equitable outcome.”

The company’s net worth is estimated at $980 million, according to the suit. Its net profit in 2010 was $118 million.
The case was originally filed in 2008.

*OK, so let me get this straight, the alleged victim gets whacked in the face by the boss’s penis and continues to work there without protest until she is masturbated upon later that day. Didn’t anyone in the courts find this behavior the least bit odd?

The Perfect Setup


If a woman can be awarded 96 million dollars for something like this, wouldn’t be easy for 2 employees to build up a plan to have one (possibly senior) employee commit false sexual harassment acts so victim can file a suit and split the pot once the victim gets the money?

It’s kind of funny to know that she now has more money than many people who’ve set up entire companies, built firms, or spent their lives high-risk investing.

LMAO wow.

I laughed when when I was reading the beginning. But now, this is absolutely retarded. She wasn’t even raped.
Even 500k for this is pushing it.

See, men shouldn’t be such pricks in the workplace. Come, now.

I would gladly be jizzed on for 96 million dollars.

Who wouldn’t?

Where’s those naysayers for saying they wouldn’t take it up the butt for 40K? Wasn’t that the offer?

it didnt even say she had to wear the pearl necklace.

good deal for her

Nobody beats Aarons…except this lady and her lawyers.

The crazy thing about this situation is that a man wouldn’t be able to get this kinda money if a woman rubbed her sweaty ham wallet on his face. In addition to that, his male friends would probably call him a punk pussy bitch for complaining about it.

This is true, but as we all know and I believe Esther Villar said it best, (I’m paraphrasing) “a woman is going to take the easy way out, and is looking to be taken care of. Women do not like working and will not work for long. The workplace is where a woman finds a suitor to stop working.”

Even though it’s paraphrased, I can’t think of a more ideal situation where that’s somewhat true here…

Washing egg whites out of your hair for money is a little less traumatic than your farts forever sounding like a whistle. Honestly, her bootyhole getting took on Aaron’s company time would justify the $96 racks.

Call me

lol sooo sig worthy…

but yeah, I wouldn’t take it in the ass for $40K lol. Add like 3 or 4 zero’s and I’d think about it.

But yeah, good point by OP, how do you stop people who setup sexual harrassments. Reminds me of what’s going on with me at work now, as well as that episode of American Dad where Roger has to impersonate two people at work in order to get a sexual harrassment lawsuit going.

Lol where do i sign up for this?
I’ll take a shot in the face for 5 mill let alone 96

Taking a money shot tho… ewwww…

For 40K I wouldn’t take it, but I guess another nigga could receive… no homo? Idk I got school to pay off…

Fucked up the sorta stuff that wins, and what it wins, yet cases where there are serious damages can win nothing because of bogus loop holes. Disgusting…

cottammit! where were all these sexual harassers when I was young!?

If one of the people in on the plan is also the same as the person committing the false sexual harassment, that person also might face jail-time and a sexual harassment count on their criminal record, and be flagged as a sex offender in an online database… people would then be able to look him up in that database so they’d know what he looked like, and potentially even know where lived, which can be pretty disastrous when your neighbors look at that stuff.

If that were going to be the case they’d better plan how to distribute the funds for the perpetrator’s trouble… I’m thinking like 80/20 at least, 20 to the victim and 80 to the guy who did it, just for all the shit he’s gonna have to go through.

Not to mention, I believe the entire thing counts as fraud so the victim would need to have an explanation for why he/she is giving the person who assaulted him/her large sums of money… and the only way to avoid doing THAT is to resort to money laundering, which also happens to be illegal.


seriously that is win

I’m guessing she was probably too in shock at what happened to even know what to do. Its not every day you get slapped in the face with a penis.

Now, I’m a misogynist who hates frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits, but this sounds like a pretty clear cut case of it to me, and I hope the dude gets sent to jail as well. I mean, if a situation like this happened to family or a loved one, I would be obligated to find the person and visit pain upon them.