Bosses that suffer from SNK Boss syndrome

There are many bosses/ characters that suffer from SNK Boss Syndrome. (SS4 Goku, Jinpachi Mishima etc.) But who just takes the biscuit?



Double Shin Bison in SFA3. That shit is impossible, which is why they let you skip it and pretend you beat it instead.

Every single cpu fight in aof2. Especially Geese.

Any game where the AI is programmed just to sit back and counter everything you do.
Lame (Cough, Super Turbo).

I counted. Everytime I did a RH with Dhalsim Zangeif would lariat. Didn’t matter if I threw it out at the weirdest time possible.

Boss I-no…megalomania.

Young Geese in AOF2 is SOOOOOOOO EASY…very very easy…super super easy…

Holy crap, is awesome. They have a detailed analysis on “Wario” that’s pretty funny.

Gotta love wikipedia.

Shin Akuma from CvS2. God Rugal was a piece of shit. The 2 fireballs then uppercut on a Ratio 1 Sakura is pure murder. That’s probably another reason he’s too good. Ratio placement…I hate it.

Boss I-No’s Megalomania is easy to handle once you get used to it.

I’m going to go with Ignitz from KoF2001. He’s the only boss character so unfun that he made me quit playing the game he was in.

I’m so glad Justice from Guilty Gear is on that list. That incarnation of Justice and SNK Boss Syndrome should be synonyms.

And you can’t spell “Boss Syndrome” w/o BS.

lol! too good

The definition simply said one of the qualifiers is having a move players cannot do. I know how to avoid it. Just listing it.

Cosign on Igniz. Fscking beeyotch to fight. Even 2002 Rugal is easier.

**CoTA Magneto **
Auto charge meter , 5 second invulnerability force field move, 3 ways projectile, magnetic tempest as normal special oh! and normals do damage on block.

Svc Shin Akuma has that snk boss syndrome, and anyone who says he is easy can go suck a dick.

WTF? They point out he’s a charge character, even though other charge moves on other characters get free charge when the AI plays them (Jae Hoon), but doesnt mention THE 100% TOP HE GETS IN THE LAST ROUNDS.

IGNIZ for sure but that’s the thing a like about him because he seem unbeatable but like every boss he has his weakness, although it took me a while to find them.

LOL @ the Jinipachi Mishama comment.

The whole game of american ST is SNK-BS (nice right to it huh?). :clap:

Gill really is BS, but not SNK-BS material IMO.