Boston CvS2 Match Video


I need webspace. Can somebody host this? It’s a wmv file 10 mb unzipped. I’ll be glad to answer any basic strategy questions and/or take hate comments if I can get the video up. PM me or Sage if you can help out.

Edit: Thank you Obot64!


i can put it up on my lycos website…? or u mean something more advanced… =/


im intrested in this nyone host this yet?


thanks for the offer, but I’m pretty sure lycos will delete a file that large real quick.

So can anyone here host the video? It’s 9 mb zipped. If nobody has webspace, then even the go-for-broke hub on direct connect or mirc would be good. I’m only on 56k so it’s out of the question serving anything from my computer. Yo Obot64, I know you’re reading this. Contact me on AIM or something already.


Yea man, obots server is sick. That shit is fast, and i wanna see some video!


Oh you’ll love this match video I guarantee. It features Rolento doing RUSH AWAY!! RUSH AWAY!! ROLL CANSEL!!!:lol:

*without the accompanying audio for anybody who isn’t from Canadia


i can host it for a while on my server if needed

i only upload @ 60 kb/sec tho…so it will be slow downloads if more than a few log on at a time. 9 megs, ill probably restrict to 5 users at a time.


im usually online on direct connect neways, i can host it there…? do u have aim/msn btw?


PM me when they vids get up…very interesting in seeing these matches.


Sorry man, lol i couldent post for liek a week, so i jsut stoped checking all my spots, but ime back now, ill host it.

uh… whats your aim name kcxj?


its WUSH AWAY fool :lol: btw check ur PMs.


The vid is up on my site, get it quick cause in a few days ill be changeing web host and i may have some down time… but after that it will be back up…

BTW Nice vid!

See it here


who’s who in the vid?

are you playing against CB?! cause that nigga is funny!


lol CB needs to be in movies. He’d be the next Jack Black! But yeah who’s your opponent?


Nice vid the blanka player was nasty well so was the other player:lol: if u guys play at boston me and my bro just moved there maybe we can learn from u a groove mbison is way to good


Yea pretty good vid… although A bison vs A bison is as bad as C blanka vs C blanka as far as the less you do the better off you are.


Match commentary:

Two of my top students playing CvS2. Josh’s mom with A-Blanka, Sakura, and Bison. She’s top tier because not only is she hot, but plays A-Sakura perfectly as well. El Flatulento is this funny Mexican dude we found selling bananas in the parking lot of our local Walmart.

A-Blanka vs. A-Rolento:

Up until somebody gets full meter, the match is entirely Blanka trying to chase down and corner a runaway Rolento. This is very difficult as the Rolento player is very proficient at running away with RC’s. Landing pogo jumps builds massive amounts of meter for Rolento everytime, so it is imperitive for Blanka to stay close with a controlled offense so that can’t happen. Universal LP+LK roll can be used for movement while maintaining your charge. At midscreen, Blanka’s trying for two main things. Either get a knockdown with his high priority sweep or land a setup punch throw. RC hop is very helpful for this.

00:46 - Blanka lands punch throw. Cross up fallen body with MP ball after. Usually the opponent is always expecting Blanka to chip them with meaty RC electricity after. That’s why you mix it up after. Blanka’s s.LP gives him big frame advantage when blocked. You can effectively tick throw.

00:57 - Now both Blanka and Rolento have full meter. Notice the matchup totally changes now. Both players will now sit back and try to bait the other into attacking and/or activating first.

01:13 - Rolento guard crushes Blanka after blocked CC, but doesn’t captalize in time. Don’t mess this up! Blanka can back hop out of a lot of stuff if you’re not always prepared.

01:20 - Everybody messes up RC sometimes so don’t worry about it. Blanka can back hop to safety if you ever get the kick ball by accident.

A-Blanka vs. A-Sakura:

Sakura with full meter is extremely intimidating. Blanka runs away to build up his own CC meter ASAP.

01:50 - ughh… Blanka was this close to making it to full meter. The momentum of the match would of switched dramtically. Sakura activates for free and chips.

02:05 - Again, after punch throw mixups are powerful.

A-Sakura vs. A-Sakura:

Screw fighting… build that meter!

02:45 - Sakura meaty d.MP used to beat reversal roll cancel clean (that one frame of vulnerabilty trick).

A-Sakura vs. A-Bison:

Both characters have full meter. Nothing is safe to throw out with out having to think first. You have to be careful to attempt an anti-air even.

03:18 - Bison lands punch thow to put Sakura into the corner (kick throw would of been better… 2nd player glitch comes into play then).

03:20 - Full meter Bison jumping in while you’re cornered is a 10 on the threat level. Bison goes low, Sakura guess’s wrong. ching… I feel bad for Sak.

A-Bison vs. A-Bison:

03:51 - RC crusher against another full meter Bison anywhere near the corner is not safe. 1P Bison misses free CC opportunity after blocking.

d.MK, d.MK is a powerful Bison link. Everybody should learn that.

04:15 - As a blocked CC, people usually do [slide, s.HP, paint], repeat. However, [d.MK, MK scissors] is also good. Since the scissors is an airborne move, it’ll counter all low attacks. Just don’t mess up your CC after you do hit the opponent… :bluu:

04:23 - 2P Bison misses free activate.

04:44 - Bison finally activates after missing a bunch of other opportunities. Too late now though… The point? Get your combos on the first try, and stupid stuff like this won’t happen anymore.

04:55 - 2P Bison feels threatened and loses patience. Tries to RC his way out of corner (very risky). GG Bison. The tick throw into the corner earlier was a critical moment. As Bison has powerful corner pressure pontential, nobody wants to be put in that position.


Both Bison’s need work. Not playing patient enough and fall back on RC too much. Also need to recognize openings more. Rolento and Blanka are both cheap. They shouldn’t be allowed in the game :lol:.


what one frame of vunerability trick???

a mom playing cvs2? cool

ur students? cant imagine u playing :eek:


Man i havent seen the vid yet, and i cant watch it till i get home tonight… does CB = coco?

EDIT: Can anyone tell me if there is a program that plays WMV files that you DONT have to install? (Ie i dont hav erights to intall shiet at work)


A-Blanka, Bison, Sakura

All we need now is videos of K-Cammy, Blanka, Sagat and C-Chun Li, Sagat, Blanka and we’re all set!

I volunteer for K-CBS