Boston Fighter

So I live in Boston,MA and see that alot of places are around the country. I want to go to these places but how do I go about it? I don’t think I even have a place where I can go locally and meet other players like me.

Regional Matchmaking

where in mass do you live?

you want to go other places to play games…or just go other places in general? :confused:

I noticed you noticed a lot of places are around the country.

if you can’t bother even reading through the matchmaking forums, what could you possibly bring to the sf community here?

show a little more drive.

shit, you really wanna meet some people? wallcade is happening in fall river this saturday. then there’s souper bowl in lowell the day after. check the tournament section for details.

Nice marketing job there, brah. I’m sure he can’t wait to come meet you guys now.

I was actually going to suggest to the guy that most MA gaming is outside of Boston, but then I remembered that everyone plays SF4 lol. I was thinking of other games, all the players are in like Framingham and shit.

is framingham pronounced frah-ming-ham or fray-ming-ham?

plzplzplz be frah. just makes me laugh it sounds funny.

I live in Boston,MA. And thank you to everybody who helped out. No I am not a noob. I did check out the regional matchmaking or whateva and didnt see anything for boston. I looked up framing-ham and saw we have a Game universe. And I play all types of fighting including ssfiv, blazblue (cant wait for cs), mvc2, and kof. I just want to play on a competitive level.

Yeah, soul calibur community is on life support at the moment :frowning:

There’s shit like 5 days a week around the city and most places are accessible by commuter rail, including fray-mingham.

But seriously Wiz should move the regional boards to above the discussion board. Kind of.