Boston, MA - Game Over, a new bi weekly fight night


I recently started Game Over ( as a place for gamers of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy what they love most, with alcohol of course. Sadly I wasn’t able to include the fgc in our first event as we went way over budget (buying booster boxes of MTG and 3 n64s/controllers is expensive, who the fuck knew?) but I definitely want to have at least two stations going at the next event.

This is where I come to you guys, sadly until the next 2-3 events we will not have the budget to purchase new monitors ourselves, as the money has already gone into new tvs and renovations to the bar, but I am hoping I can find two individuals willing to bring by some monitors for us to use. All we need is two suitable monitors and we can have some stations set up at the next event pumping out UMvC3, AE2012 or whatever other games people want to get going. The ultimate goal for me is a few things: 1. for the event to become weekly, and 2. for it to become a decent fight night where people can come by to practice, learn, and compete as we plan to have tournaments as well (most likely 5-10$ buy ins with pot bonus from myself or the bar or local sponsors if we can wrangle it)

If you have any questions or want to help out or offer advice/ideas etc pm me here or email me at Ill try to keep checking everything frequently. Below I put some links to other threads/fb event from the previous event if anyone wants to see some more info about what we got going on.