Boston MA: gAMEdUX Marvel vs Capcom3/SSF4 FREE FIGHT NIGHT Every Sunday and Wednesday

Boston MA: gAMEdUX Marvel vs Capcom3/SSF4 FREE FIGHT NIGHT every Wedndesday and Sunday

Ignore the date at the top. This is an event that occurs twice a week.

Wednesdays From 7:00PM to 12am
event may run later than 12am

Sundays From 3:30 until we shut it down.

It would help to contact me to let me get a heads up on who to expect.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3/Super Street Fighter 4
we will have 1 xbox 360 and 1 ps3 console
To help with extra play, feel free to bring a system plus game if you have it.
(BYOC please provide your own controllers/joysticks)

Goodbar Boston
183 State St.(Best way to get their is Blue Line Aquarium station)
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (347) 278 7314

Super Street Fighter 4 will be available for both systems. This is intended to be a prelude to the next tournament coming up.

If anybody has the need to scratch that competition edge and place wagers, please by all means make it as hype as possible. Feel free to post up any question you might have. 

Thank you for all your support and also I would like to mention that we are sponsoring anyone that would like to enter any major out of state tournament. Ask for specifics. Thanks to all the new and different people that have been showing up. Because of you guys we have now added Sundays for extra practice, idea swaps and many other things. We will also have Mortal Kombat available after release.

I work practically across from the street from this place and I get out at 6. Too bad I don’t have my stick on me :frowning:

Hmm got nothing else to do on my dead Wednesdays so this is perfect. Lemme know if you guys will need a 360 for MVC3 and whatnot.

Bump! Amar, the organizer of this fight night is starting to have this on Sunday also! He a great guy so show some support to the Boston venue.

A stick will most likely be available every fight night. Since you work right across the street just pop your head in and say hi. This way you can get a few games in and see how you like it.

Peace Imfamous! I spoke to Carl at the last fight night. We need to talk about some things. I think you may find it very interesting.

Tom thanks for everything man. You have been a true champ from day one. I appreciate that. I also have something that I forgot to mention to you that may bring us to another level. I will hit you up again and discuss it with you.

GGs to everyone there tonight. Sorry I’m blanking on names, but a shout out to that Juri player and Tom; that’s a legit Cody. Amar, check your FB.

Thx man. It’s great that this is set up in Boston, hopefully more players will show up and this can be huge.

Amar as always a pleasure

Damn sucks I missed out on Monday, is that gonna be a regular fight night day? If it is I will definitely keep that on the radar. And I’m coming down with my 360 and MVC3 setup today.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Fight night is happening tonight. Also we are looking good for downstairs for the May 1 tournament. Since the setups are limited, we will definitely have to be fair with the different systems and games. I figure we can rotate every hour or hour and a half. Of course please give me as much feedback as possible.

How did this go last night? I am bummed I couldn’t make it but hopefully next time I will be able to.

Things went real well. It looks like things are looking up. I have an important meeting on Sunday.

Just an update letting everyone know fight night is going down today. It will start after 3 30. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Owen, Jose, Sharieff, Chris, Carl, Nito, Tom, Kerron, Andre and Eddy and most importantly my wife for making every fight night memorable and something different. And also for us possibly getting downstairs for fight nights. I will know the terms definitively after my meeting today.

I’m tellin’ ya, we need to get a stripper for the pole down there son. Also, someone should make a thread in the Tournaments section for the May 1st tournament so we can start getting people HYPE!!! We got our own bartender, we can blast our own music and there’s gonna be damn good comp there. What more do you need?

Also, your Honda hurts my feelings dude. I gotta learn to read you better.

I might be showing up for this on Wed. so hopefully I will see you all there!

No strippers we have to keep it all ages. :-p

@DigitalPhoenix, the strippers are definitely a possibility. We may have to wait to later in the evening though. Also, I may have an extra setup for tonight. Check the tournament section I already posted for the May 1 tournament. Hopefully I will see you tonight. Tom if you can make it that would be great. Let me know what time, I may need your help on something.

Bump for sunday strippers! Also I have 2 360 SE’s (all sanwa) for the setups if anyone needs to use.

Sry I wasn’t able to make on Wednesday but hopefully I should be able to on Sunday. I’m not too sure but I will definitly let you know Amar.

Thanks Mike! We can definitely use the extras. It will take some pressure off of people using mine. Also I appreciate your work on the designs, it means a lot. Pestazoid come when you can. We had more than setup now so things should be more fluid.