Boston MA: gAMEdUX Marvel vs Capcom3/SSF4 FREE FIGHT NIGHT Wed 2/23/11

February 23rd From 7:00PM to 12am
event may run later than 12am

      Marvel Vs Capcom 3/Super Street Fighter 4
      we will have 1 xbox 360 and 1 ps3 console
      To help with extra play, feel free to bring a system plus game if you have it.
      (BYOC please provide your own controllers/joysticks)

      Goodbar Boston
      183 State St.(Best way to get their is Blue Line Aquarium station)
      Boston, MA 02109
      Phone: (347) 278 7314

      Super Street Fighter 4 will be available for both systems. This is intended to be a prelude to the next tournament coming up.

      If anybody has the need to scratch that competition edge and place wagers, please by all means make it as hype as possible. Feel free to post up any question you might have.

is this a tourney or just a gathering? also is this first time your running this. very interesting

They did one last week. We get together, mashout combos, get salty, and drinks some shots. Gotta have salt with your shots!
I will be there tonight. Can’t wait!

Our tournament is coming up next month. This is the second time we are having our fight nights. Trying to set something to help make great players and compete nationwide.