Boston, MA: gAMEdUX Mavel vs.Capcom 3 releaSe party FREE PLAY/FIGHT NIGHT Wed 2/16/11


Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Free Play Night @ Goodbar in Faneuil Hall

come join us on launch day for MvC3 Casuals.
come hungry, play hard, meet new people.

February 16th From 7:00PM to 12am
event may run later than 12am

Marvel Vs Capcom 3
we will have 1 xbox 360 and 1 ps3 console
To help with extra play, feel free to bring a system plus game if you have it.
(BYOC please provide your own controllers/joysticks)

Goodbar Boston
 183 State St.(Best way to get their is Blue Line Aquarium station)
 Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (347) 278 7314

Super Street Fighter 4 will be available for both systems. This is intended to be a prelude to the next tournament coming up.

If anybody has the need to scratch that competition edge and place wagers, please by all means make it happen.

Alright Boston thank you in advance for everything and now there is no excuse. Excellent location. CHECK. Free excellent fee. CHECK. We answered everyone’s concerns so we hope to see you there.

feel free to post up any question you might have.



I can’t wait for this! You guys rock!


I wish i could go, but I am seeing a concert that night =(


I am trying to do this every week. The line for this game at midnight was crazy last night at gamestop. I hope people come out just so I can see the learning curve. Playing last night I got to see the reaction to everybody starting from square one. It was fucking crazy. Your boy N00btr0n1mat1ca was already moving up levels.


Amar, you should also put this in the Atlantic north thread. All the fight nights in the area are in that section and I want everybody to see this and try to make it.


Hi Crimsonsnow,

It was great for the first time. I saw a lot of people from the Roxbury tournaments attend. The venue has tremendous potential to host over 100 people. We even have a stripper pole available to use. You and the others have to come to see this venue. The staff are very open minded and will allow us to try any idea that we choose. The MBTA is only 10ft. from the door of the venue as well. I look forward to seeing you there.