Boston MVC2 Videos

Boston MVC2 Videos - updated 6/19

Thought I’d host some videos of Boston MVC2 players. Seems like Boston is non existent in the MVC2 scene. More to come soon, but enjoy these for now, I’ll update more when there are good matches or yea when i got time, feel free to criticize the hell or flame me. I love criticism :smiley:

Now showing:

Commy’s COMBOFIEND video

Casual matches including SBCDYN, Jimmy, Gemindi, Nestor, and yours truly :evil:

nice vids

some are saved as .mp4 … what do i do with those?

I don’t Understand

What am I looking at?

Anyway, in JW vs commy 3 there is a point in the match where the magnetos get confused. It seems commy is the purple magneto and JW is blue, but then for a short time (right around the 15 second point) JW becomes purple and commy blue (it lasts about 2-3 seconds). has anyone ever seen this phenomenon before?

Just curious.

yea, i wrote on the site. those are mpeg-4, i couldn’t encode them for some odd reason… um, for the most part, i’ve been able to play those with quicktime, you should try that

I don’t Understand

jwong got to the throw before commy did

what the fuck happened in jwong vs. commy 11… the DHC to storm… wtf was that… at 34 seconds

Re: I don’t Understand

Yea, Mental Bicep, Jwong expected the throw, and threw me before i could throw him, but GRRRRR, I think I had him that game if i didn’t go for the throw! :mad:

Yes, that’s that weird DHC hail shit storm has been known for. Happends at random times, but basically, was weird that storm came on the other side, and the bground had two storms… here’s a pic

Damn, Boston sucks. Post vids of me and people might be impressed.

Thought you retired =P

Just because I don’t play as much as before, doesn’t mean I’m not the best in Boston. Yeesh.

Edit: My IM > J-wong’s IM. HAHAAHHAHA.

good stuff…

haha…shouldve switched the labels so it looks like we raped justin…

:eek: some crazy Magento stuff, I have never seen before :cool:

One of the songs is pretty good and also weird at the same time. It’s manderin with Korean rap. What’s that about?

I don’t Understand

They auctually didn’t switch like you said…if you look at the life meters you’ll see Commy starting the combo, then on the way down Justin grabbed him really fast, which was wicked…


I would have gotten raped to playing justin to those horrible music tracks.

matches were hella tight.

music is top, stfu.

Hmm, I don’t know, friend put together the cd, bu tyea, it’s nice, i’ll try to get back to you what it’s called.

Well the funny things is we didn’t get raped the whole time. Er, what do you listen to, the only song i’d say was eh… is that Lucky Day song, doesn’t really set the mood for mags rushdown… :smiley:


Haha… doh, well I still have my secret vids i haven’t posted where, we start using mag storm cyke…:lol:

Hehe, and you’re matches still gotta be uploaded

wong-rape is fun for all ages!

now i just wanna see some boston ggxx . . . if anyone there even plays the damn game :stuck_out_tongue:

omg…justin has released some tyte shit, i wonder if anybody has messed with the lil reset combos he was doing…man…hope these videos are not overlooked. the best videos are when he is playing m/s/c

I definitely agree, :mad: I can’t block that mag cyke crossup for the life of me. The inf, then dash forward, call cyke, jump rh, so annoying!