Boston MVC2 Videos

excellent videos… the 10 hits on the slide infinite from magneto was pretty sweet :smiley: don’t see that at all

Thank you, hehe, yea, it’s my fav inf =D i jus do it more consistently on cable, it’s easier =D

Nothing but hot shit. Everytime Justin plays, theres allways some wierd shit going on in the game(lol at that grab with Magneto.) BTW, you would think that if Justin did the grab at about the same time as Commy, that it would just be a tech hit instead of a grab. I wonder…

nah; like im talkin 'bout like he fucked something up on you (commy)

he was doing this in the corner with storm

launch, rh, ad/df, rh, land,, pause so that when he hits c.lp it is actually c.lp and not, then jumping lk lk rh, and you will end up on the other side sometimes (for another reset)

he messed up the jumping lk lk rh part tho, so nobody saw it

juss shit like that

Yea i noticed that shit too, lolz, glad i could be his combo dummy though =D



…just playin with u mang.:lol:

yo whats the song in justinwong_vs_ricepatty3?

yay alex

beastly vids man, more plz:D

yea mon, i agree…fuck boston, shit is whack… and fuck capcom…fucking jewish mother fuckers won’t make mvc3 and oh yea, fuck good times for not fixing the controlers, that’s why no one goes anymore… man, this shit blows oh and i still love to SBDCYN and the rest of Tufts, although it doesn’t happen often anymore.

damn fast server, haven’t seen the vids yet though.

Pryde is my heeeeeeeeero. Yo we should play OUTSIDE of GT (although their sticks do kinda work now…and the tech staff have fixed them the last couple times…), God forbid.

Hahaha, I agree with you. Trust me… if you notice, the first couple games, atleast for me, when i messed up, I think it was the “Justin factor”, but then not worrying about it anymore, started to play more soild, ie, when i killed his bb hood, but then later, i messed up on sent, blah, messed up on execution

justinwong_vs_tim4 <-- Wong’s Cammy was possessed!

Wong should hit DC sometime…I think he’d find some interesting matches here. Not from me of course, but watching him play looks like the style of play amongst my friends.

I am curious how many games it would take for me to win…wasn’t there a thread a long time ago about ‘what’s your longest mvc2 streak’?

Mine’s about 7…tough crowd here.


That song is Can’t Wait, um, rapper is yoo seung joon or something, girl is yuki hsu

what’s up danny and pryde… long time no see :wink:

mash lk! and never get reset under again ;x (kidding)

btw commy, I like the colors in your sig! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vids showing justins cammy. But that music was kind of wack though.

Thanks, lolz, i tried that one time, some how i hit his mags, but cyke hit me, blah, it’s annoying =P

oh tight thx

damn justin found out mag/psy double cross over trick :bluu: