Boston transit map designer 'furious' after map's apparent inclusion in The Last of Us

maybe im not up on my legal rules, but since its based off of the mbta’s hired work wouldnt this designer not getting any money. since the mbta probably owns the rights to the original image it was based off of.

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lol its a little more than that, if the mbta doesnt own the rights or it falls under some sort of parody law…he may actually have a case. Being that its clear his artwork would predate the game and w/e design work they may have. People tend to do this to artists/graphic designers alot.

He’s trying to milk a situation for all it’s got.

Some actress is mad too cause that girl character looks too much like her.

Depends on the contract they agreed to sign, if the designer says that all artwork on complete payment is turned over and owned by client then MBTA owns the rights, if he didn’t say that or it was not brought up then the artist owns the rights.

I can see how this happened (it shouldn’t of happened), Naughty Dog probably assumed since it was in the public domain it was royalty free.

i re-read the article…it seems like he wasnt actually hired by the mbta and made it as a personal project to update the current map design. if thats true this also would probably mean he cant get any money cause its based upon work owned by the mbta itself.

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i’m curious to see how this plays out…to me if they randomly found his design online. it probably means naughty dog tried to get the rights to use the real image thats actually used in the boston subway system and couldnt get the rights. and thought they could skirt around the rules by using this kids design. I have seen companies do this, especially with some of the iron man stuff that was floating on deviantart years before the movie was in process mostly dealing with the helmet stuff. But generally you couldnt claim outright they stole your design…this is a pretty clear one. You cant really say oh we re-designed it…and it just happens to be exactly like your redesign. As well as its pretty easy to prove on the designers part his redesign predates naughty dogs. (most logical one)


i dont think their this dumb, but googled the subway system and came across his design and took it without realizing it wasnt actually the official one. but a redesign by a graphic designer…which comes off as very stupid move on naughty dogs part if its this.

Ellen Page, and the girls name is Elly… it’s clearly based on Ellen Page, even though at the end they tried to push away from it.

She’s mad because she has a game coming out soon, and that character is based on her I guess officially, at least from what I gathered in her iama

I’m with maxx for once, dude MIGHT have a valid case, but even if he does Naughty Dog’s lawyers will claim the map was Uncharted.

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What’s he gonna do when it turns into a Counter-Strike map next?

The internet does a really good job of making every artist out to be a huge whiny pussy.

Just go to Cartoon Brew for some examples.


…and it’s resolved already. Once again, a non-issue made bigger by the internets.

hmm…kinda wish i knew the details. cause im still curious on the legalities of making such a image in the first place on the side of the designer.