Bot thread: please post in here. DO NOT REPLY TO A BOT THREAD! reply=infraction

Well, I figure I make this thread to make it easier for mods to see it. We appreciate you guys doing this, but PLEASE stop replying in these threads. Doing so WILL result in an infraction! You’ll only encourage it to come back! We don’t need these idiots cluttering our forums! Thanks SRK! =)

Please post with a link, thanks =)

Looks like they’ll be making your job easier pryde.

Yeah, pretty funny how a bot comes in here and posts a link up.

i dunno bout those infractions…some of those bots are pretty damn smart and dont come off as bots.

Just for the record, these come up very often in the video section, the threads about dvd/ipod format converting are all bots, don’t reply to them.

pos rep please! </shameless begging>

Um, yeah… :tup:

I found a bot for mowing lawns. Please regulate on them.

Thanks Skrull.


these bots are getting common…

Is this thread for FGD too?

All those file convert threads are bots.

Goddamn, there motherfuckers are trickier than before. They even use smileys now.

what is the purpose of these bots? they think someone will click on their links?

Same as any bot.

I click on all of them and do whatever they tell me. I’m expecting 64 Ipods and 27 laptops in the mail any day now.