Bot thread: please post in here. DO NOT REPLY TO A BOT THREAD! reply=infraction

We’re going to start handing out infractions for people who reply to bot threads.

Not to sound like an idiot but exactly how can you tell the difference between which thread is a bot and which is legit?

If it’s called something along the lines of
"How can men like such a naive model"
"Is this ______ too sexy"
Attempting to sell credit cards
"Yo guys have you seen"
And generally if it has a fishy looking link it’s a bot.

When it doubt, report it.

Alright. Thank you for making it clear.


Also…can SuperKewl/Pong Boom get smacked for responding to bot threads?

P.S. why haven’t the idiots replying to these threads been infracted?

what’s the source on that

I mean there was a time where we didn’t reply to them (before we got the like system) and they still kept coming.

Do we have a well established community member who used to run a bot network who can verify that that is indeed how they work?

What about the bots that post in existing threads rather than create new ones? Do we just freeze those threads until the post is deleted? What difference does it make?

If I wrote a bot I surely wouldn’t have it monitor the activity of the threads it created to see if a forum is active (they would just get deleted…) when it probably wouldn’t be much harder to just have it monitor the entire forum. Hell I don’t think it even matters if a forum is active or not, based on how hard some other places get spammed.

Consider that in Tech Talk, where no one replies to these things (and anyone who does is infracted and told off), we can go for months without getting spambots, while other sections on this site, where people do like to troll them, keep getting hit by spambots.

Have the site admins thought about sending out a site wide PM like they did with the SRK Store Promo, just telling everyone to beware of bot threads, how to identify then etc. Seems so obvious to me, yet people are still posting in them.

Seems to be promoting a song off their youtube channel on its other posts as well