Bot thread: please post in here. DO NOT REPLY TO A BOT THREAD! reply=infraction

ahahaha what is this

i will make you fall for my devious marketing plan BY EXPLAINING MY DEVIOUS MARKETING PLAN

Part 3: So, You Want to be a Dominator? Last post

man, this stuff doesn’t even turn me on anymore

as a terrible fighting game player, i find it both hurtful and offensive that this bot would post an ad for a golfing game in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo section :frowning:

Bot trying to sell RuneScape gold in Dom 101.

What is up with all of the Asian clothing bots?

It’s friday, this is a link to a bot thread. Robotroll is trollin.


Gamestop bot.


This showed up again.

general rule of thumb guys…if they’re posting a thread about clothes (dresses, shoes, a cosplay cosumte), they’re likely a bot

A wild spambot has been sighted! Waqar has been spamming a website in every thread Nintendo is mentioned in.
Damn, didn’t grab a link, just look up his profile.