BotB - West Bay/Peninsula Quals - August 13th


BotB - West Bay/Peninsula Quals - August 13th

The qualifiers for the Peninsula will be held on Friday August 13th in DALY CITY at 7PM. PM me for the directions ONLY if you are playing. Spectators are not allowed. Beyond that, due to space limitations there will be a CAP of 30 players MAX, so first come first serve.

It’s highly recommended that players carpool to the event if at all possible in that parking can be a bit of a hassle in this area, so if you dont want to walk far, carpool!

Entry: $10

Format: Round Robin


I will be in attendance with probably Shoop and iGauGe.


the team captain is ryan ramirez right?




I hate you guys, No roger for this one. But I will take a drink for you guys while I am in Hawaii SUCKAS!


I’ll be there. Pavo and I can carpool. Yes I just nominated him. WHASSUP :smiley:


not 100% sure if i can make it but imma try.


i need 2 carpool as well… Pavo, help?


I need a ride as well. Anybody got space?


Is there going to be another team specifically for the city or is this it?


This is an event at a private residence. Please respect the owner’s wishes, and don’t be causing a ruckus or be too loud outside the house. Take it elsewhere/down the street if you have to. With the space limit, people gotta control themselves. We don’t want cops breaking up the party.

That being said, DON’T STEAL SHIT that ain’t yours, DON’T FUCK UP the house.

Otherwise, you will be escorted off the premises. Last I heard, stealing shit was grounds for getting an ass beating IRL.

In other news, the venue is in need of a few more lagless setups.

Let's play hard, ya scrubs.


90% sure Pavo will miss this somehow.




We’re probably not going anymore. Get out of here grimmz.!


wtf why u guys are the only SFSU HELPPPPPPP!! :crybaby:




Good luck to the weeners!


SFSU definitely not showing up to this. No moneys.

Grimmz, don’t let curtis push you around. Just punch his glasses.




Congrats to those that made it to the team, now go show those other Bays whose best!

Good games to all I played! I got a lot of leveling up to do… :lol: