Both sticks sold. Thanks guys. Please delete

Both of these have been used about a total of 10 times between them. Both work flawlessly. Tested both playing SFHD beta.

Not interested in tradesU.S. 48 only****

First stick up is a replica of Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade. Dimensions are almost exactly the same including angles. I made this due to lack of wrist room that the actual VSHG had, so I moved the buttons more towards the top of the stick allowing a lot more wrist room. The top right side unscrews to allow access for removing the top panel, should you need to get to the wiring or PCB. Price lowered by $15. I noticed that the bottom of the stick has two blemishes where the cord was resting for too long. Does not effect anything but looks

  • $115 + $20 shipping Price lowered Sold to Chachi
  • Sanwa JLF/Gray ball top
  • Sanwa OBSF-30 Black/Gray buttons
  • Seimitsu PS-14-DN Black buttons for Home and Start
  • Xbox 360 PCB (Frogger stick)
  • Full 1/8" aluminum top panel
  • MDF casing painted metallic gray
  • No slip feet
  • Quick Disconnects on buttons

Second up is…[Sold to alwc37]

  • $130 + $20 shipping
  • Cherry wood casing
  • Hand rubbed tung oil
  • Hand rubbed polyurethane protective finish
  • Sanwa JLF
  • Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons. Orange bezels with clear plunger
  • Seimitsu PS-14-DN Black buttons for Home and Start
  • Lexan top/bottom
  • Xbox 360 Gamestop PCB
  • No slip feet
  • Wires are soldered

Take the vega stick off hold and marked it sold. I sent you a pm and when I get back from the bank the money will be sent your way aswell. Been hopeing youd part with that stick for awhile now :wgrin:

wow those are nice. cheers to the person who buys them.

So, how does one use the that big ass xbox button in the middle of the pad?

Then do it, and get out of my thread.

And thanks to those who complimented.

Not sure what you mean.

i think he means the button you push to get to the dashboard or whatever. dont have a 360.

It is on the front of the stick. I mapped Start and that button to the 2 up front. Simply press it, and Y is jab, to access the Dashboard.

does the JLF still have the 5 pin cable and would I be able to put an LS-32 in it (lots of non-fighting games I want to play on the 360)?

Yes sir, it does still have the cable. As for the LS-32, I am honestly not sure. I have never worked with or mounted any LS-32’s, so not sure on drilling of hole placement.

May you please post interior and bottom pics then and put it on hold? I am very interested in buying this.

You have a PM, sir.

Go to one of the custom builders and ask them to build you a custom. Buddy you’ll be spending like 250 dollars. Good luck with that. Next time think before trying to shit on someone’s thread

Thanks, Tetsuosan. The guy is obviously a complete douche bag. But out of curiosity, I would really love to see the stick maker and their work, that will do full on customs for 170 shipped for an X360 stick.

1st stick still up for sale.

PM sent

if you were to have somebody make a stick like that vega stick it would cost at least 50+ on his prices.

ya that vega stick is on point and is pnp

Your name is a lie

Thanks gentlemen.

Already have my friend. I got one being made like I said for $170.00 shipped (CAD) with all Sanwa parts and with custom art.

And I wasn’t shitting on his thread, just commented that the price was high and in the end he did reduce the price on the first one…

He’s giving it to you for that price because he IS your friend you dumb fuck.

Look at the price for customs in the boards and you’ll see $150 or whatever the original price was, is a steal.