I have a pair of Dreamcast(JP) Twin Sticks both in mint condition with box. DC Twin sticks=70+shipping. SS Twin Sticks have been sold.


Oh god damnit, I REALLY want those Dreamcast Twin Sticks to mod for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram for Xbox LIVE Arcade, but I’m too poor at the moment…:sad:

I’d offer to trade my Xbox 360 FightStick Tournament Edition, but you don’t have an X360 and I presume you want cash, so it wouldn’t do much good anyway. Good luck with the sale Strikeshell!






Truckasaurus just replied to your pm and just added pics:wow:




It’s almost payday! Are these things still available? Can I get an update on the OP? I can fill your paypal at the stroke of midnight. No homo.

EDiT: Meus, your avatars make my pants tight


I want the Saturn stick, where are you located?

Please let me know.


Hey everyone as of right now I have had people express interest but neither the DC or SS Twin Stick has been sold.

Meus youve been PM’d
Truckasaurus which sticks are you interested in?
MarkMan Im located in Long Island, New York


Man u made lol

u have pmed. thanks


More interested in the sega saturn, I can pay first thing tomorrow morning


DC Twin Stick on Hold for Meus
SS Twin Stick on Hold for Truckasaurus


Sent you a PM for your paypal


DC Twin Stick is no longer on hold so its still available


I just exploded your paypal with moneylicious goodness :wonder:


Damn, I shoulda checked earlier…

If the SS one is avail still by some miraculous reason, please let me know!

Shipping estimate to San Diego, CA 92108 please too. :wink:


Sorry to snag this one from you markman. When I get the SS Twin Stick in, I’d be willing to trade my DC twin stick with you for something, if you’re interested in that. Hey, you’re only in san diego! Maybe we can meet up and exchange.


Yeah sorry about that Markman Truck has already sent payment so SS Twin Sticks have been sold…DC Twin Sticks still available


Both Sticks are sold Idk how to request that the thread be closed


Just edit the thread title with “SOLD” or “Please Close”