Bottom mount seimitsu

Hi, i have a custom made joystick with a Happ comp. stick bottom mounted underneath 1/2 MDF board. Can i mount a Japanese stick with proper mounting height without routing the case? Do Sanwa or Seimitsu sell longer shafts to compensate for the depth? Thanks

I did that with the JLF, and honestly it’s fine. People that say it has to be exactly 26.5mm need to take a chill pill. It’s not like anyone will notice an extra 3-4 mm.

I read that the JLW can be a drop in with some minor mods to the plate. Lzard lick says its good for wood or metal. Does it feel the same as a JLF?

Honestly, 3mm is fairly noticeable depending on how you hold your stick… With that said, if the bottom is routed out to make room for the Happ stick, check the depth on it, you might be closer to the proper mounting depth than you realize. A lot of American sticks will have a 1/4" deep hole routed for them, leaving your stick mounted a little over 6mm from the top of the panel, and if you add 1/8" plexi, it’s now mounted 9.5mm from the top of the panel. Half a mm short isn’t bad at all. The same setup, if not routed, will put the stick almost 16mm from the top panel, a whopping 7mm too short. A quarter of an inch is a height that almost any player will feel the difference on.

You need a router in order to put in a Jap stick. Get one if you want to actually do this.

For the least work, you will want to use the Sanwa JLW (use the version with the longer/thicker shaft) as the holes are in the same place as most American/European sticks. I would recommend you simply do some extra work and put in a JLF as it really is a much better joystick for fighting games (JLW is better for other genres but JLF is much better for fighters). The better Seimitsu sticks (LS-32 and 33) are no go zones for bottom mounting on a wooden panel.

Seimitsu sticks in wood

LS-32 and LS-33 CANNOT be bottom mounted in wood/MDF. The LS-40 probably can’t either

LS-56 and LS-55 can (same mounting height as JLF)


all Sanwa sticks can be bottom mounted in wood except for the JLW variants with the shorter shafts.