Bottom Panel Cover

havent posted on srk for a while, but i am still into the fighting game community. recently went to ncr, which i hope most of you watched because it was so hype! anyways i managed to get a whole bunch of signatures while i was there, including daigo and alex valle! i was wondering if there was a way i could add a layer to bottom of my stick so the names will show but not get damaged in any way. maybe plexiglass? i was looking online and only found top panel covers for custom art. im not really a big DIY guy and am looking for suggestions. i dont want to replace the panel, nor do i want to retire the stick. thanks srk!

stick: hrap3

what kind of stick is it? Welcome to Art’s Hobbies art sells plexi covers for bottom art if you want to place a layer on the stick. I know for sure he has one for the TE’s but anything else you might have to look around the site to find it.

hey thanks for lookin that up for me. i browsed the site and couldnt find the bottom plexi panel so i emailed him a few times, and still no response. do you guys have any another suggestions in finding a plexi for the bottom panel for the hrap3? thanks

Hit up "the cleaner"
I know he makes custom covers as well.