Bottom plate of the TE stick


How do you open the bottom plate of the TE stick (R1).The reason im opening it is because for some reason the top panel where the buttons are is very loose so it moves around when im playing


use a small phillips screwdriver (no need to remove the nuts and bolts holding the feet). there is a screw under the sticker. imho, it’s harder to adjust the buttons from the bottom though…


You should just tighten the bolts on the top plate then?


i think there is a bolt thing under the screws like in the HRAP cases


there isnt tho,i meant this is the very first version of the TE stick


If the top panel is loose you dont need to open the bottom. theres that plastic wall separating the top and bottom that will prevent you from helping the situation on top. just see if the hex bolts on the top panel is loose. if anything open the TE from the top and see whats wrong.


There’s like to reason to open the back panel, unless you want to do some work on the case itself. Everything important is accessed from the top. From the bottom you only see a piece of plastic with 8 holes for the buttons. Nothing else really.


after opening the top i found a few metal bolts that sit under the screw holes in the top plate.that explains why its so loose