Boudokai 3-Its actually fun!?!?!

SO yeah, I recently started playing Budokai 3 at the insistance of a friend. honeslty, its not top tier but I was surprised at the way it handles. It generally is just Better than any DBZ game. It handles quite smoothly , the frame rate is solid, and the move sets are varied and customizable.

Anyway, the reason I started this thread…don’t stone me yet.

Was to find out what you guys think about it. your opinion is valued definately. Also I was wanteing to get better, maybe I would get lucky and there would be people who play it here.

You know… General Fighting Game Discussion :slight_smile:

It’s not a bad game. We have a thread for it:

Oh alirght :frowning:

but lol…gotta go deeper than a few pages I suppose.