Bought a Game CaptureHD. To learn from fellow gen users

Recently I bought a AVerMedia Game Capture HD. To share videos with you guys and to learn how i can get better. I did post a video on the video thread but i dont think anyone checked it really. Anyways until i feel like i have gotten good enough to post stuff on there i will keep all of my stuff here. I have a bad hobbit of falling in and out on this forum. But this time I plan to stay and really try my hardest to rank my skills up to the next lvl. So here are two fights.

I think i have a pretty okay gen. Not excellent but not sucky either. Anyways Check these videos out and please give your thoughts and ideas. I want to get on tournament level and hopefully one day win a local then try to get a major xD. I do final round this year and i did a local tournament last year as well. Please leave your thoughts.

Online ranked match PSN

Team Training with my teammate


man, I admire you! I’d love to buy one, too, to be more supportive to the community… but no money at the moment :frowning:
anyway I like your style. One simple and easy piece of advice: train yourself to switch automatically to Mantis stance after each Oga. You’ll be prepared to more damaging follow-up in case of hit (unless you have Ultra 1 stocked, of course)

Thanks man! I do that mostly! Some times i stay in crane just in case the opponent jumps but i will try to do what you say and see if that’s works!

I will upload some more and try to get better!

My dillemma is more luxurious: buy a capture device so I can finally show you guys my Gen, or a new guitar, heh.

Which would u say your better at? Gen? or the Guitar? :smiley:

“NEW”. So you already have one. good. Now take some time and take care off your lovely old man.

On topic. You’re pretty good although you should practice and learn the bnb into TC2 that is more damaging and has a lot of range for a hit confirm. Not like crane one you do. But since it’s easier i guess you can use it sometimes too.

Yea your right! I know how to do it, But i drop it sometimes online. More practice is needed. :slight_smile:

Here is another fight!

Disclaimer! I was whiffing a bunch in this one. There was one really bad dash that didn’t mean to do!


PSN right? But the connection was stable?

Mostly. That dash was my bad i didnt mean to dash back. I used wired connection. But it still gets a bit funny on there every now and then…I will upload another fight today. :smiley:

I see! I asked because I heard many Americans complain about online play + PSN. Here in Europe (at least in my area, northern Italy, but I’m on XBL), if I get three green bars, the match is usually as smooth as offline play. All 1frame links work just fine…

Speaking off PSN. Here in Europe PSN is pretty dead. I keep seeing the same group of players all the time, and ranked is basically a wasteland once you reached 3500pp>

XBL is still really populated…both ranked and infinite. But mainly in the morning and evening


Here is another match! TZsendo Vs NegaMan



It there were some laggy spikes so not much we could do about that. More on the way!

well, you’ve been rather unlucky because he managed to block two cross-up oga… but I felt like you don’t know much about the matchup with Guy, am I right? With some tricks (real unblockable setups cough, but also a few other things), Gen has the advantage on Guy

Random tips:
-Learn to do stance change combos off the crane crossup. You don’t need to go for the 1 frame link even, just learn to do crane j.MK to mantis TC2, or TC1 even if you really want a low. It’s a huge addition and probably the most useful thing you could practice right now.
-You really need to rethink how you use meter. Don’t bother doing FADCs on block, and cut down on the hail mary EX wall dives. Gen’s meter is far too valuable to waste it on stuff like that. Saving for super is best, or hit confirming FADCs if they lead into some kind of setup/will win the round, but I’d say focus on landing supers for now.
-Guy’s vulnerable to TC2 xx HK DP, and I think I saw you use s.HP to LK DP. That’s like picking the worst of both worlds when Guy’s vulnerable to the best.
-General SF4 stuff, but when someone’s juggling into an ultra you always want to mash on quick rise in case they mistime it.

Anyway, focus more on fundamentals before you worry about turning random knockdowns into crossup wall dives.

Yeah you have a very good point. I agree with you. This why i started posting up these videos for tips on how I should change my game play.


-The s.HP was to suppose to be TC2 low DP. But now that i know that he is vulnerable to TC2 xx HK DP. I will only try to use that.

-I should have mashed into ultra its just I didn’t know how fast or slow guy’s recover was on miss. That’s why I went for the DP the first time. You have a point. I was just telling the reason why I did what I did.

-The reason I FADC on block is to get a grab in or try to push the opponent into the corner. Usually I try to save for super but I have been try to change that. I will try to do what you said about this as well.

-Crane J mk xx TC1 or TC2 is something I can do and should practice. I will try to use this tactic more and choose between the TC.


  • I know a bit about the match up. But there I see there is more i can learn about it. I didn’t know about TC2 xx H.K DP.

Thanks a bunch for these comments I need stuff like this so I can get better. There is a Local Tourney coming up and I will need to level up my skills and learn more about Gen in the meanwhile. I have been practicing His bnb TC2 xx Geriko. Trying to master the timing between c Lp. and s H.p I get it like 75 percent offline. But I need to get it more then that. Any Tips on How to make the videos better or anything?

The tourney is coming up on aug 4 & 5…Trying to get more solid before then.

the videos? What do you mean? The quality is good already :slight_smile:

Remember to get solid on the basics, Find your weakness and try to plug it as much as you can, basically the basics is playing reasonably safe and a mastery of air and ground control. for me my air control is ok but my ground control is lacking, I know because it cost me the grand finals. If you are preparing for the tourney, try and find a community member near you that is MUCH better than you, and play him, make sure he is strong enough to beat you 10-0 or there about then after each match discuss what made you lose to him (most players will tell you) Also by losing alot you get used to the pressure of losing and that helps alot in tourneys because its when you are scared to lose that you do stupid shit. Do not play online for online sake, try and make it a training regimen, if you have a weak matchup, do a search for the best player online closest to you and add him up and play them alot, it will help you go a long way. Don’t worry too much about FADC, because when you play Gen your opponent knows that the fear of super is the beginning of wisdom, that gives you a mental advantage.

here is what I think of your matches DISCLAIMER: all opinions here is that of a scrub level player like myself, take it at your own disgretion vs Vega @ 1:07 when you backthrow vega there is no oga setup for him because he is a tall character, walk back a bit and jump mk, which is unblockable when timed right When you have a stick of butter, wait for vega to hang himself with a wall jump then punish him hard when he lands . Vs Guy Basically your throw game is weak. you need to throw more and It seems you have no idea on what to do with meter, NEVER spend meter on oga unless you are escaping a firebal chip situation. Gen with SUPER is scary for anyone to deal with. Learn the cLK cLP TC2 gekiro combo, the combo into sMP is of very little use, also like I said you need to throw more because Gen has a greak okizeme on wakeup against guy. PLS STOP WASTING METER ITS PAINFUL TO WATCH lol! Also by focusing my ki I sense you are the panic type that is easy to crack, you are barely comfident in your abilities and you are afraid of being pressured. Here is a training that will help you relax a bit more: go to endless and for one hour DO NOT JUMP. you will lose alot but it will help build ground discipline.

Woah! Thanks everyone for your feedback! O_O

I have decided that I try do all everyone has said. I have been practiceing a bunch and I plan to practice some more until i can execute everything 90% percent of the time.


First off thanks for taking time out of your day to help me by posting your thoughts. I read what you said and I agree with your ki. I actually fight guy all the time and and I know that crouching med kick beats his elbow drops and when something isnt save on his end. I am barely confident in my abilities that is true. But I dont panic. I don’t like being pressured and I do jump too much. You are pretty right for the most part. I will try exactly what you said. The combo that I do Is N.J. Crane hp.into mantis S.MP TC2 Gekiro.

The thing I am getting from everyone is that I am wasting meter to much. So I will try to only use meter when I need it. This is very helpful information you have all giving me and in the next fights I hope you show you all my progress. Until then I will be in the lab practicing each and ever punish i can do for the super and Bnb c lk, c lp xxx TC2 Gekiro. Thanks a GEN! xD ( Had to do it!)