Bought a street fighter cabinet, what next?

got this recently

getting a bit bored of the game and i was curious if anyone can point me to detailed guides on how to setup a pc or dreamcast mod. thanks!

i like the champ edition cabinet.

I would try they have a lot of info on cabs over there. Good luck and I cant wait to have a cab of my own.

thanks for the link. i will keep this post updated as i work on this project.

Nice cab. If you want to set up a Dreamcast, check out this thread:

how can you get bored of MAHVEL ONE BABY?!

Emulators and consoles are for chumps, keep the CPS2 A board and JAMMA harness in and spend $$ on B boards. That way you can be lazy AND poor!

Move it away from the wall so 2P doesn’t punch a hole in it with his elbow. :slight_smile:

Then get B boards!

i found one for 170dollars, is that a good price? with SF2 included

Thanks for this post. I’m going to order this and try it out. :rock: