Bought AE on Steam, can't download it?

Hey guys, I pre-ordered SSF4 AE on Steam a while back, and checked today to see if I’d be able to install it.

It’s in my list of games in my Library, but it’s still grayed out and I don’t have an option to install it.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious (as I own a lot of other Steam games, including Vanilla SF4) but I’m drawing a blank as to what that might be.

It’s probably not unlocked yet. Or, restart Steam.

Maybe it’s not unlocked yet. I just got concerned because there are other threads here that seem like people are playing it already (probably via other means like Direct2Drive or wherever else people buy PC games lol), and I started wondering why I was unable to play.

Just an FYI as the other poster stated. The game hasn’t unlocked but “should” be within the next half hour. Knowing steam though and their horrible digital media release quality, the servers are drowned right now in their steam special sales so you might have a hard time downloading it.

its available now

Pre-load is up now for Europe and Australia.

Ya’ll get to preload it?! Ain’t that some shit!

No preloading in the US, gotta wait 9 more hours until I get to see if it crashes or not.

It’s downloading for me, but it’s going at a speed of bytes. T_T

I’m downloading it just fine right now at 700 kbs

The midwest servers on steam seem to be @#$%ed. Tried MN and CHI with absolute napster speeds. Went to a west coast server and now getting constant 750kb/s and at 60%!!

Had the same issue. Go to your Steam folder and delete the .blob file.

Changing your server to an international server can often get you better speeds.

how to i change the server from where im downloading in steam?

nevermind, found it.
Changed localation from LA to San Diego, much better speed.

I switched to UK - London from US - Dalls. Huge improvement. Was getting 500 Kb/s MAX from Dallas, but I’m getting a steady 1.3 Mb/s from the UK. :smiley:

Im downloading it 4m capcom prob there.