Bought an old Cab on CL - its some bootleg version of SF


So I bought an old arcade cabinet on craigslist…it has some burn on on the screen and is definitely a fixer upper. It has SF2 on it but its this bootleg version with zig zagging fireballs, changing characters, insane tatsus etc. I plan on making this a mame cab, but while i gather funds and wait for the vendor to re-open I was wondering if there’s a way to make it original again? Or was this hack built into the jamma board below? Any help is much appreciated!


It’s a replacement of the board’s original ROMs, so you’d want to obtain original ROMs.


Oh man that sounds like an old bootleg SF2 i played as a kid in a shady liquor store it was called SF2 Turo: Rainbow edition. It had zangief PD do a vertical screen loop by holding down the punch button used. the more it looped the more damage it did once you released the button. so much fun.


The one I remember seeing (well after SF2 was a popular game) said “QUICKEN” instead of “INSERT COIN”. I’m sure that’s just some weirdly-chosen bootlegger silliness, but it did make me wonder which World Warriors were fit to file my taxes.


thank you for the input guys! Now when you say ROM, do you mean a whole different jamma board? Is there a way to flash the current one I have in there? This version of SF is fun for about 3 minutes before its just too silly. E-Honda’s hands reflect frickin fireballs… IE u throw a sonic boom - ehonda hand slaps, it turns into a RYU fireball and comes back at you. So so so so silly.


The ROMs are the chips on your board which hold the game’s data, so unless you have some really weird bootleg using a totally different board (unlikely) you should be able to go back to an official game by replacing them.


you can search some forums like KLOV for some guys that still program chips. There still might be one or two that will do it for the price. However, street fighter II isn’t an expensive game at all. Sometimes you can find standard world warrior sets for real cheap.


Actually a lot of the bootlegs are pirate boards and it’s more then likely to be a single tier board rather then an original CPS1 Street Fighter which generally comes in 3 tiers. Just like this one:$(KGrHqJHJCUE63(+uRHDBO34nBbS1!~~60_57.jpeg

I’ve had quite a few bootleg boards as well, they have a very different architecture, they’re worth very little and are generally made of very poor components. You would need to both identify the chips and reflash them to their original states which is probably more effort then it’s worth.

2x Bootleg street fighter 2 boards for comparison:


i remember those games. slow sonic booms and super lightspeed sonic booms. shoryus that shoot fireballs, as well as honda slaps that do the same. good times


Maybe Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition? That game is hilariously awful.