Bought Mad Catz street fighter IV TE Round 2 fight stick, the ball is loose and cant be tightened?


So after recieving my TE round 2 fightstick today, i noticed that the ball on the stick is very loose, and it cant be tightened even though im trying to turn it, it just keeps turning and never gets tight. Is it supposed to be like this? This is my first fightstick btw.


You’ll need to open the stick up to tighten the balltop yourself. If you don’t want to invalidate the warranty then use a 3mm hex key to remove the 6 top bolts.


It won’t tighten because the entire joystick shaft will turn with it. Like gahrling mentioned, you have to open up the case either by the top or bottom panel, taking a flat screwdriver to the slot at the bottom of the shaft assembly, holding it in place, and tightening the balltop BY HAND.

It’s a common issue. No big deal. Easy fix.


The balltop probably isn’t even loose, it just sounds like he’s surprised to find that the shaft spins freely.


After re-reading his post. That makes sense. Let me clarify.

Spin the ball top counter-clockwise. Does the ball top come off? As in, does it pop off and go flying in another direction? If it doesn’t, then it’s fine. Your stick is operating how it normally should operate. The shaft assembly is supposed to spin around freely.

If it does pop off, then yes, your ball top is actually loose, and you need to open the stick up.


You are correct, i wasn’t aware that the shaft was supposed to be able to spin freely. I also noticed that 3 out of the 6 top bolts was pretty loose and could not be screwed tightly, but i guess that wont be a problem if im not flipping the fightstick upside down.


As long as the top panel doesn’t rattle or move around, I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s not supposed to be that much torque on those things. If you over-tightened it, you might have stripped out the threads.


the nuts that hold down the top panel bolts are held on by that weak red glue. They occasionally will come off and you gotta dig around inside the case to find them.