Bought myself a stick

… but I’ve been a pad gamer since Street Fighter II on the Mega Drive. I was hoping people could give me some tips on getting used to a stick, as whenever I’ve used them at an arcade I’ve felt like my game has taken 3 steps backwards.

I bought the Street Fighter IV TE edition stick (found it cheap, only 89.99 as opposed to 149.99), so I plan to really give it a go. I’ve been playing BlazBlue and the PS3’s d-pad just isn’t cutting it any more - SFIV is easier because of the relative lack of aerial combos and 41236/63214 movements, but BlazBlue is full of them and when facing from left to right, the responsiveness just isn’t there.

Is it simply a case of practice practice practice, or is there anything else I should know?

Oh, and I hope this is in the right place, this is my first post on the forums.

Also, just use the search. Here is a thread for you:

Thanks very much, and apologies for my lack of searching.
So that this thread isn’t entirely redundant, could I ask if anyone could rate how good the TE stick actually is? I don’t particularly trust amazon reviews, and only have the word of a friend and a tidbit of research to base it on…

Here you go. Just look around for a while, you will eventually find all you need to know.

It’s as good as you’re going to get without having a custom stick built.

Well that’s good to know. Should I PM a mod to lock this thread now, or just leave it to die the death? I get the impression from other threads that ‘useless/overdone’ threads get hated on (as they do on every forum for every topic)… I’d rather that didn’t happen with my first!

You could have just broke one off the nearest tree.