(Bought. Please Close)


Looking to purchase some converters for a PS1/PS2 stick. Figured I’d rather have my money go to SRK members than Amazon. Looking for the following converters:

-Cube JoyBox PS2 to GCN Converter
-MayFlash or Datel PS2 to Wii Remote Converter
-Inpin PS2 to PS3/PC Converter (or a PS3/PC alternative)

List your product/price and I’ll probably buy it.



Cube JoyBox PS2 to GCN Converter from Tim Static.

@Bunz Got the best PS1/2 to Gamecube converter here (and VGA cables for Wii/PS3, if that interests you): WTS/WTT/WTB Stuff!

Purchase made. Still looking for MayFlash or Datel PS2>Wii Remote and Inpin PS2>PS3/PC converters, or something equivalent. I’ll leave this open for a few more days. If nothing by then, I’ll buy elsewhere.


I have 1 brand new InPin and a lightly used yet new one if you’re still looking

Thank you sir. Just got my new Inpin in the mail.

Good luck with your sales!