Bought. please close

As the title says… I want to buy two dreamcast sticks. Post what you have. If you only have one… still post it.


how much you willing to pay for 2 agetec sticks?

100 shipped if they are stock parts.

of course, I am willing to pay more if the parts are different.

changed what i want. either 2 dreamcast or 2 ps2 sticks.

i got an agetec yesterday for 15 at cgx : /


i got a custom ps2 stick, its fully custom and has a pcb and cord and all that shit, just need buttons. i got pics if your interested

pics and what is your asking price?

hey i got 2 brand new in box agetec dreamcast sticks

i have 2 modded t5 sticks. one is painted black and has a sanwa stick in it. the other has stock art. both have l1 and l2 plugged up with button plugs. both use yellow hori buttons (taken from the grey and yellow namco stick)

200obo + ship

insomnotek sell me one

I have two tekken sticks barely used. $70 each shipped.

send me a pm if interested

I have a Sega Saturn Hori stick if that works for ya. Yeah I know you said Dreamcast or PS2, but it can be used to Dreamcast or Xbox or PC with the proper adapter. Just throwing it out there.

I had PS2 joystick. I asked $160 Modding LS-32 and Seimitsu buttons