Bought SF4 AS but Problem

I’ve noticed many have this problem but mine is not so easy to fix… The cliche concept is : “Buttons work but joystick won’t!” Well i put on DP , it doe’s not work , i put on LS no response and put on RS no response… I’m really frustrated right now :frowning: Sanwa meterial and SF4 collectors edition stick, bought second-handed today in very good shape! Btw i’m new to the arcade section and have been testing in XMB

open it

I opened it, i’m really thinking that this de-attached cable here is the culprit??

Looks so suspiscious lol i dont know anything about these hardware stuff and i do not dare to re-attach it and connect it to my ps3 it might burn lol , so guys , could this simple cable be it?
Well i guess even a noob like me can see that there is no cable at all attached to the joystick so there is no power … im not sure why the hell someone would dettach this lol, too bad the seller didn’t mention this… i guess he never opened it either

Can someone give me the green light to attach this and try it lol? I really don’t wanna end up burning the whole stick

Looks like its unplugged.

never know till you try

Yes, that is 99% likely the problem. Plug the cable in and try it out.

Guys fixing that problem has uncovered many other problems, It seems that on XMB i can only go down… no left or right? It functioned on setting DP but RS OR LS nothing atleast DP goes down now so it means there is power… but does this also mean that the whole implementation of the joystick has been wrong?

Im fearing the person who modded this , clearly did not know what he got himself into? Any suggestions that i should try out before assuming i need to tear the stick apart?

Looks like the guy who sold me this discovered he made a terrible misstake where there was no return, so he opened it and de-attached the cable and put it for sale … thinking people would not ever open it… ? Man… i really wish to know what i can do about this

you probally put it on upside down just turn the cable over and you should be good


aww man thanks guys <3 im so stupid lol, !! its fixed now !!