[Bought] SuperGun Neo-Geo MVS

Want To Buy SuperGun for Neo-Geo MVS

I am not that handy and I would like
to have a small SuperGun for a Neo Geo MVS.

  • Needs to go to Europe
  • I am willing to pay at least 50 (this is without shipment)
    If this is really unreasonable I am willing to pay more.

It probably would be a project.
Please say so if you want to work on this project for me so I will look no further.

In addition to being Neo-Geo MVS compatible,
It needs to include the following:

  • SCART (euro pin lay out) connector RGB
    No need for a fancy Video Encoder since it can be hooked directly to a television here.
  • Two DB-15 male connectors (for use with Neo-Geo Sticks)
  • Select button attached to Coin for each controller respectively
  • Audio Switch Stereo / Mono
  • ATX power connector
  • Power Switch

Not necessarily but it would be nice:

  • Blue Led (power led indicator)
  • Separate RCA connectors for Audio
    (but also connected on the SCART connector)
    for aesthetics I would like these to be copper plated.

I think I got the things I want covered now.
I see RGB correctors, switches for Service and Test on a lot of SuperGuns,
is this really necessary?
Am I missing something else that is necessary to make it work?