Bought the original Standard Edition SF4 fight stick yesterday

I played maybe an hour last night and no problems. I seem to remember on gamespot forums someone said they fixed the washer problem and the new ones don’t do that? Am I fabricating this memory or is this the case or should I take it out before my stick falls apart? Someone help please! Thank you!!

Don’t take it out.

Leave it in.
But secure it with glue if paranoid.

I heard what you think you made up too.
But I do not want to believe it.

There is no real proof.
Because everyone just either glues the Washer, or replace Joystick with JLF or Seimitsu.

You’ll notice the stick start “sticking” in certain directions before you start to really get in trouble. The problem with some is there is a metal washer on the PCB that moves, and it can cut the metal lines on the PCB rendering them useless. But even if that happens, all you would have to do is replace the stick with a Sanwa JLF and you’d be fine. And a Sanwa JLF is 10000 times better than the stock stick.

So I’m good either way? Honestly, I’m really surprised with the quality and wish I’d bought one sooner now that I’ve played with it a while. I used to have a Hori EX2 on the 360 and didn’t really like it. The gate felt more wide or something I’m not sure but it definitely has to do with the way the stick feels and not so much the buttons but that fourth button is definitely nice to have. I’m totally cool with modding this down the road but I don’t know anything about it yet I’m totally new to that, and don’t really want to do it just yet if I don’t have to.

SE if you ever have any problems with it, It’s easy to take apart and replace the buttons and stick.

it’s also like a dream to mod… So easy.

Ive seen pictures of the scratched PCBs because of the washer but, you’ll want to replace the stick anyway so, who cares.

As soon as the joystick gets messed up enough just replace it with a good one.

And get at least 6-8 Sanwa OBSF-30 while you are at it. or Seimitsu. The buttons have a reputation to go bad. Don’t get Sanwa OBSN-30 because of the sanwa screw in nuts are too big for that stick around the Low kick area and joystick plate. Seimitsu screw in is fine though because you can slip the smaller nut under the plate first.

Thanks for the heads up on all the parts to use! I think, now that I’ve looked at the modding threads and saw how easy this is to change I’ll go ahead and just do it before it goes bad. Now I just need LOTS of practice bc I’ve gone from being able to Rekka at will to now it’s damn hard to do all 3 without messing one up or accidentlu using a Super. I can’t wait to get better and this definitely feels like the first step bc even though I’m having trouble with the Rekkas I’m doing a LOT better and pretty much everything else already.

I still can’t do all 3 rekkas

but, I dont play fei long

I spent about an hour in practice mode and have the rekkas down with relative consistency but supers are another thing. Another that I’m not sure about between switching from sf4 on a hori ex3 on 360 to hdr on the se on a ps3 is the reverse srk motion for the flaming kick doesn’t seem nearly as forgiving on the inputs. Is this possibly because the stick is faulty or is it a difference in games/systems/sticks?

There are not shortcuts for inputs in HDR as there are in SF4.

Thus moves will be “harder” to do.