Bourne Legacy (Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg)

New Trailer just hit the web


Fighting seems far easier to follow than previous movies

No Damon?

Send it back.

lol i was reading about this movie in a magazine today and was wondering if theres a trailer yet…

Fuckin awesome. No shaky cam? fuck yea

Renner is an awesome actor, I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

Just found out the screenwriter of the first three Bourne films is writing and directing this one. Also this is a sidequel and this new guy isn’t replacing Matt Damon’s character.

Well they have my attention a least.

I read the book, the book is a diff author from the previous three but the movies don’t follow the book anyway. I idolize Bourne, will give this a shot!

As much as I love the fact that the warden from Prison Break is in this, and the main actor is one of my newer favorite actors, I can’t help but be disappointed at the loss of Matt Damon…

I can live without Damon if it means no shaky cam. I swear I got motion sickness watching the last two movies.

I don’t mind the character change as long as it’s decent old-school spy fiction.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the trailer can confirm or disconfirm the presence of handheld cam/jumbled editing that plagued Supremacy and Ultimatum.

LOL that’s not Stacy Keach but they both look like pizza dough that’s been out too long.

And Damon loves this role and is pretty much committed to a Bourne sequel with Greengrass directing. I read somewhere that the sequel to this movie/storyline will have Damon/David Webb/whatever as the lead character.

except it is stacy keach.

You beat me to it, the movies strayed pretty far from the books anyway. It was alittle closer pre 9/11 but they flat out admitted they changed alot of stuff in the first Bourne movie because of 9/11.

Also Matt Damon said he was done playing Bourne, he only wanted to do the original 3 and some shit about not wanting to be typecast. Even though Green Zone was just a really really really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad Bourne movie.

I will watch it, love the Bourne movies so far.

nah he’s not done, he’s taking a break. he says he wants to come back to it in a few years, but doesnt wanna get typecasted as that character.

Yeh the amount of physical preparation needed can’t be easy either

seriously, i cant imagine the training cause its pretty clear matt damon did alot of his own stuntwork.

Thought you were looking at Albert Finney, whoops

EDIT: Think this was the article I read before. Legacy is just a sidestory but Damon will come back if Greengrass is on board

Looks good. I like Damon and Renner a lot they represent the modern action hero; a little less muscle and a whole lot smarter but still just badass.

I guess I’m the only one here who thought Ultimatum was the best one, Bourne’s 1v1 with the asset is on the short list of favorite fight scenes.

You mean that drawn-out brawl with the black guy in a bathroom? Boring. What’s with this new guy? Did they physically alter him (boost his healing and strength)?