Box Arena presents FIGHT! SSFIV Singles Tournament - San Diego, CA - July 3rd, 2010

Its almost here… the weekend we have all been waiting for, Evolution 2010. The countless hours of practice and passion you have all dedicated to SSF4 is hopefully going to pay off. If you haven’t had a chance to battle against the best of SoCal, be sure to clear out your schedule because you need to be at the Fight. The Box Arena and LevelUp have joined forces to bring you one of the best practice sessions you may get before Evo! If you are a competitive player and wish to represent SoCal in Shankar Tablada’s “Road to Evolution” Documentary or simply wish to get in some last minute practice with the best of LA and SD we will see you at the Fight: Calm Before the Storm.

9628 Carlton Hills Boulevard
Santee, CA 92071-1414
(619) 270-1230

July 3, 2010

Casuals 2pm-4:30pm
Sign-ups close at 4:30pm
Tournament soon after

$5 to Prize Pool
Includes 1 raffle ticket
No Tournament/House Fee

Variable Based on # of Entrants
View Structure at

Tournament Details:
Please View The Box Arena’s Rules For Regular Singles

Console: PS3
8 Stations all Lag Tested
Double Elimination
2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
Grand Finals is 3/5 Games
No Cap
Event will be live streamed -

Official Website Post

Any Questions Please contact:



Better practice up for EVO kids =)

im there

I think I can make it :smiley:
Count me in.

This is the last chance to practice with San Diego’s and SoCal’s premiere players before EVO. Attend, have fun, have food, and prepare yourself for the biggest tournament that is EVO. The Level|Up crew will be there. Will you?

I’ll be there.

I’m in.

I’m there.

im down.

Last big tourney before EVO! Let’s go!

im down so i can fuck up long

if anyone wants to have big money matches($50 and up) this Saturday, let us know. This for any game on PS3 - mvc2, hdr, puzzle fighter or any other game(you have to bring the disc and controllers). Heck even on 360 (you to provide the 360 with hdmi, game and controllers).

ill be there for sure

I am in!

I’ll be there

Been on vacation for a few weeks but I’ll be there.

–Jay Snyder