Box Arena SSFIV 2v2 Ranking Battles 1.4 - San Diego, CA - July 17, 2010

We would like to thank everyone who showed up for our tournament. We know that a lot of us are still tired and burn-out from EVO. I know we are :stuck_out_tongue: Better turn-out than we expected with suprise showing from our good friend Potatohead from Level|Up, top SoCal players, and EG Marn. Hope to see everyone once again at Comic-con and on August 7 for the next Ranbat!

Thanks to Markman, Madcatz, Tritton, and Lex from Gamestop for providing all the prizes for the participants! Frubble for our wonderful venue and providing for stream needs! We always appreciate the support you give us!
Tournament Results**
1: Team SMD (ShadyK/MikeRoss)
2: Beauty and the Beast (Genghis/Steinmania)
3: EG NYC (Sherry/Marn)
4: TeamKai (Kai/Keno)
5: Hottest On The Block (LaceySan/Viscant)
5: TeamDreamLab (ComboJack/BryantTheTyrant)
7: TeamLoveStory (TSwizzle/FinalAura)
7: SkinnyjeansAndamichealjacksonglove (Doods/MrCertified)
9: TeamNeMadic (Nomadic/Nemo)
9: Almighty Dollar (Repulse/Skoot)
9: G&D (George/David)
9: We<3David (Kuizzy/FrankFresh)
13: UCSFree (PBS/BCChoi)
13: Two & a Half Men (Polydactyl/BoneSaw)
13: Meadowbrook Mustangs (MikeyMike/GCSupra)
13: BallsOfFire (LegendofLore/Warren)
17: Chicken and Watermelon (DreadDragon/BranGone)
17: GuyFellow (Thrillah0h/Syncro)
17: TeamWhat (Omar/Sean)
17: Team AkumaMatata (Lovo/NetEdge)

Season Pot to Date:** $849

Point Totals**

[]ShadyK - 40
]Mike Ross - 30
[]Steinmania - 15
]Tatsu, Warahk, Genghis - 11
[]SannSann - 10
]GCSupra - 7
[]Moval, Fuson909, BEEFCAKE, EG Marn, Sherry Jenix - 4
]Maku, Nomadic, Pimpbot, Yeb, Alexman, Happytang Kai, Keno - 1

lol why did someone say there was 44 teams

told you it was a lie :stuck_out_tongue: