Box Arena SSFIV 2v2 Ranking Battles 1.5 - San Diego, CA - August 7, 2010

Great tournament this weekend! It always suprises us that our turn-out always exceeds our expectations. Thanks once again to our wonderful sponsors and supporters- Markman, SDT, TTF, MadCatz, Triton, Frubble, Lex of Gamestop, and Gootecks. Big Upset(Not really) for ShadyK and Mike Ross for not being able to sweep the series. Hopefully Justin Wong and Marn will be there next tournament to make the final ranbats interesting! See everyone at the final ranbat on August 28th, 2010! We’ll try our best to end things big!

Season Pot to Date: $982
Ranking Battle Points

[]ShadyK - 47
]Mike Ross - 37
[]Steinmania - 19
]Genghis - 15
[]Tatsu, Warahk - 11
]SannSann, Combofiend, Gootecks - 10
[]GCSupra - 7
]Moval, Fuson909, BEEFCAKE, EG Marn, Sherry Jenix - 4
[*]Maku, Nomadic, Pimpbot, Yeb, Alexman, Happytang Kai, Keno, Repulse, JMo - 1

Tournament Results

1: WeToldYouSo (Gootecks/Combofiend)
2: HighHorse (MikeRoss/ShadyK)
3: WhatWouldGenghisDo? (Genghis/Steinmania)
4: SodiumChloride (Repulse/JMo)
5: TheTyrants (BryantTheTyrant/ComboJak)
5: 99Problems (UnprotectedSex/NeRemix)
7: HottestGuysInhere (LaceySan/Viscant)
7: SkinnyJeans&MichealJacksonGlove (MrCertified/OceansideDoods)
9: StrikeForce (GCSupra/Mike)
9: GoodZa (JFlo/Pnoy)
9: WinMecula (Ben/KarmCakes)
9: CalmWarriors (CalmWarrior/TommyB0y3)
13: HuneBeeShoulBeAStripper (Jokersss/Maku)
13: HeavyWeights (SlappySlaps/Schmitty)
13: WhoElseWantsSome (DreadDragon/BranGone)
13: The Box Arena Techs (KuizzyEfBaby/DjFrankFresh)
17: TeamWHat (Jordyn/Sean)
17: TeamPurpleShirts (Skoot/Watts)
17: IngYourMom (BruceLee/Adonis)
17: MyOtherMainisTerran (Polydactyl/Tswizzle)
17: PhsycoHookers (Jangief/JustJason)
17: NinjaCat (OMGNinjaCat/PBS)
25: TurtlePoking (Phil/Brandon)
25: AkumaMatata (NetEdge/Lovo)

copy and paste!

i wanna thank the boxs for throwing another great event
i havent been out to a tourney and played super in a while but im still glad i came out and played tonight
you cant go wrong with top 8 lol even if you tie for 5th x_X

thanks for lagade partnering up with me last minute always fun playing with that dude in tourney
most like will try to team up with him next one if we have money and most likely wont play super until the next tourney lol.

love for sd