Box Sessions Live @ Frubble: UMvC3 & SSFIVAE:2012- Results & Shout Outs- 01/24

**Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 Singles **
**27 Entrants **
Top 8:
[LEFT]1: ttf ilya [/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: ttf unprtoectedSEX [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: laceysan [/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: Tomo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: Big Sexy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: ANDSlayers[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: kendrick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: jonkun[/LEFT]
Honorable Mention:
[LEFT]9: DJMasters[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: TSwizzle[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: marco_m[/LEFT]

[LEFT]13: BOX Frank Fresh[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Viscant[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Brian[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: R-God[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: B-Rai[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: lmc jetquick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: gordon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: Zulu[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: icrossj [/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: lmc loky[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: bakermann[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: fatboy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: EA MegaMan[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: taytay[/LEFT]
[LEFT]25: green eggs n ham[/LEFT]

**Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Singles **
**24 Entrants **
Top 8:
[LEFT]1: ttf Dios X [/LEFT]
[LEFT]2: Viscant [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3: lmc combusted [/LEFT]
[LEFT]4: TreeKilla[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: ttf unprtoectedSEX[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5: call2arms[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7: watts[/LEFT]
7: SDT Kankuro

***Honorable Mention: ***
[LEFT]9: WL Tommy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: Steve[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: ttf pimpbot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9: ice trap [/LEFT]

[LEFT]13: marco_m[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: lmc loky[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: just jeff[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13: Skoot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: laceysan[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: oceansideDOODS[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: Who is J-Mo?[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: srs fizix[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: DJMasters[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: ANDSlayers[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: green eggs n ham[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17: R-God[/LEFT]

good shit tonight guys
all the usual shout outs the the box arena and mark at frubble
glad to see new faces and hope you guys keep coming
ggs to all i played stay beastly san diego

[LEFT]Would like to thank the Box for hosting what is now Box Sessions Live
or what i like to say BSL= boobie sucking lips…
Thanks to frank, kui, and dre running the stream
Christine and Mark for the venue Frubble and making dem drinks and food!!!

I would like to thank all of the San Diego FGC for coming out and making theses Tuesdays not boring and making it awesome tourney experience.

Good Shit to all who made top 3

Would like to apologize to the stream and ilya for my performance in the grand finals. i had a strong showing in winners finals but was just killed in grand finals, so sorry for making it an unhype grand finals will try to change that next time

just i was chilling it grand finals
and ilya had dem 3 warm up games in losers
but ilya is beast and its always a pleasure to play him[/LEFT]

good shit tonight box arena! thanks for doing casuals and tourneys every week!