Boxer BnB help! Question on linking



Guys, sorry I’m sure this was visited a million times before, but I’m new here.

Cant get the boxer BnB no matter how many weeks I’ve been at it. I am NOT, repeat NOT mashing the buttons…

I can get a 3 hit combo no problem 2 c.lp, But canceling the lk to HB I keep jumping. I’ve tried different timings it will not work.

If I got the 2 cr.lp to combo with the, doesnt that mean i successfully linked the attacks??? If i mash, the never comes out so seems to me I am getting the link to work, but no HB.

Using a MadCatz fight pad for ps3.

Please help my boxer GET PAID…



You seem to have the definitions of link and cancel confused or mixed up. Linking two moves means you wait until after the first move has completely finished (startup, active, and recovery) before doing the second move. Canceling two moves means you do one move, then before it finishes you do another (like mashing jabs).

The problem you seem to be running into is that you can not cancel out of a normal that has been canceled into (there are a few exceptions). When you press cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.short, you have to wait until the second jab has completely finished before pressing short. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to cancel the cr.short into a headbutt and that’s why you get the jump.

Links are a lot harder than cancels. Slow down your inputs. You’ll get it with practice.


when you jump after a do you do jump fierce?

are you holding your down charge long enough?


Agree’ing with Xaaz, here.
I never struggled with JabShortHB in any standalone non-EX combo but I had a massive lack of ability to EX Loop for a similar reason to your problem.

Until that point I never understood links/cancels (I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what they are ‘exactly’ even now) but I took special notice of what worked/what didn’t work and eventually half sussed it out as to why I couldn’t connect more than one or two loops (if lucky) and especially not headbutt after any of them and it’s because of the rythm I was trying to punch out the moves.

My initial idea was to mash jabs after an Upper, hoping and praying I’d connect one after an Upper - Absolutely no luck. Paced it down and eventually realised you have to get it right at the end of the Upper. From there I found that I could get UP>Jab>Short, but no Headbutt, and it was the same deal - I wasn’t waiting for my Jab to fully end before pressing a Short. Watched many movies of EX Loops and realised how much slower it seemed to come out when people where looping specifically (Not so much non-loop JabShortHB as you can pretty much throw them out very quickly in comparison to when you’re trying to loop them).

So once I realised I had to Jab at the pinnacle of the EX Upper, and Short at a slight delay, giving time for the Jab to end, the Headbutt comes out 100%.

Pace yourself downward - Even from a simple Jab, your opponent has a noticeable few frames of hitstun for you to get the next move you want out so don’t go bashing that short the moment you notice you’ve hit with the jabs - All about timing and getting a rythm and you’ll find that once you get it, it never leaves you.

I still to this very day have NOT looked at Frame Data, researched into links/cancels or any fancy stuff and yet I’m merrily quad-looping and performing all sorts of combos relatively consistantly just from trial and error.

As simple as JabShortHeadbutt is, it’s the window to so many other combos in Boxers arsenal and quite a few (if not mostly all other) variations of it, regardless of the moves used, are very similar.

Once you get this down, a LOT of things will come so much easier to you so I wish you luck with it. Pace it down, experiment with it and once you get it, practice it over and over and over - It’ll burn into your mind and you’ll be doing them on reaction in no time.

One of the latest fun things I’ve been messing with are completely swapping the normals. Jumping Fierce Short CJab Short CJab Headbutt is completely mundane but funny to see - As said, once you get the basics down you’ll have fun experimenting with all it’s variations and uses (if any).


Ok, this is what I don’t get. YES, I understand the concept of links and waiting for moves to complete while the guy is still stunned , but I had no idea that you could cancel a cr.lp to a What a nightmare!!! Since you can cancel into a from a cr.lp how would you ever have visual confirmation that you’ve linked the two vs canceled them?

Again, i can sit there all day and do 2x cr.lp to This registers as a 3 hit combo in training mode. But then jump back fierce syndrome. I’m not mashing the buttons.

If I press these buttons any slower these normals don’t combo at all. I’m now wondering if this is wireless lag…


Other than seeing that the jab animation isn’t interrupted by the cr. lk animation, there is no real visual indication as to whether two moves in a combo chained or linked. You just need to practice the timing and learn it inside out, people call the jab/short linking pacing the “rog rhythm”…like jab----->jab----->short–>Hehehehe(that was the headbutt)…hard to explain here, but it’s easier to just look up a video if you can’t get the last two normals to link. You could always just practice jab-jab-headbutt (or dash straight or RushUpper), or jab-short-headbutt instead to practice the link timing. It’s also worth noting that the headbutt (or whatever special u want) sorta has to be done immediately after the last normal for it to be timed correctly (like, input it as you are letting go of jab, much faster than the link timing). Look up videos and info in the combo thread.



I’m afraid that there is no visual indicator separating links and cancels. It all comes down yourself timing your inputs correctly. Conquering links is one of the harder aspects of learning fighting games. It requires quite a bit of discipline, particularly in the middle of a match.

Here, I made a small video demonstrating the timing for you. If you can match the timing on what you see, you’ll be fine.



good news is theres a pretty generous link window between jab-short


I would just like to point out you are not waiting for to end before pressing up + hp. It is a cancel so do it pretty quick after hitting


Indeed. It’s all about how you go from Jab to Short - Personally, once the short is out and I know it’s done right (which, for me, thankfully, is 99.99% of the time) I instantly UP+Punch of Desired Headbutt.

That won’t help you if you’ve speed-pressed JABSHORT+UPPAWNCH! as Boxer will either sit there with a smug look on his face or hop up in the air like a lunatic.

When I sat myself down and wanted to learn what was going wrong with my upper loops and Jabs to Shorts, I rewatched Ronstoppables EX Loop during an AI tourny and realised that when he was doing an everyday JABJABSHORT>HB it was lightning quick but also noticed that during the loops the process was a lot slower (The untrained eye wouldn’t notice the difference) as you have to time the Jab from the Upper as well as the Short from the Jab, hence you need to tone it down a bit and get the rythm.

The vid in question is here but I imagine mostly every EX Loop video will look the same - This one is just handy because he opens up into a loop from an everyday JABJABSHORT, then you notice after the Upper how slower it gets up until Headbutt - After that he gets an instant non-loop version of the JJSHB so if you watch closely you’ll see what I mean and notice the difference in speed and timing which might help you (or might not).


Again, I know you’re not trying to loop and all that, but it’s all about the rythm - Once you get it, you’ll be throwing the BnB out no sweat.


Is ANYBODY able to do this with a pad or are all of you doing this with a stick???

Just spend the better part of the day trying this. Got 1 out in like 300 attempts. Cant imagine this coming out in the heat of online battle.

Thanks for the vid links. Wish the helped more :frowning:


DUDE. Maybe your on to something. I have my charge, but 9 times out of 10 its only a jump…the fierce comes out late or not at all.


Not to burst bubbles here but a jumping fierce replacing a headbutt won’t be a concrete indication of the problem. There will be times where Boxer doesn’t jump at all (Unless you hold down the UP buttons) or will crouching fierce rather than jump etc

If you’re finding yourself consistantly getting a jumping fierce than I’d be curious to know if you’re pressing UP+Punch at the same time and just how long you’ve given yourself to downcharge.

I’m ‘assuming’ you give a little downcharge before you go into the jabs & shorts, rather than walk up to the dummy and just dig right into crouching jabs straight away?

Just for reference point, you only need to duck for about half a second, don’t have to wait for 2-4 seconds per attempt or anything.

Also, once you’ve pressed the Short after the Jab, you’re meant to immediately press UP+Punch as close to immediately after that short as you can - It’s not like the Jabs to Shorts where you give time for the Jab to end before the Short - You literally go from Short to Headbutt asap.

:df: :lp::lp::lk: :uf::hp:

I know, I know, this is all very obvious stuff, but I can’t fathom what the problem could be as not many people out there would struggle with this unless it’s something very blatant or obvious.

I don’t suppose there’s a way you could record your hands during an attempt? That’d no doubt get you answers. Also, I hope there isn’t a suprise angle to this, such as a faulty controller or anything.

For the record I use Keyboard and for the 20seconds of SF4 where I actually used someone elses Pad, I had no problem with the same combos even though I had never used a PC Pad for SF4 in my life and struggled with the awkwardness of trying to adapt to it from Keyboard.


@OP: You could post these sort of questions in the pinned beginner’s guide thread. If you look back a few pages you’ll notice that there are quite a few similar threads, and the clutter isn’t really helping.

But anyway, I made a combo vid some time back that might be of some help: [media=youtube]yBesh8jq7mY[/media]

If you’re having trouble with the timing, watch the vid and listen to the button inputs to get an idea of the timing. It’s easy once you get used to it.


Hi, I know there are a few threads on this but i somehow feel my issue is different from the general advice “slow down and tap with a rhythm”

Here, I uploaded a vid of my failures. I’ve CLEARLY waited for the jab to end before the short yet I only jump for HB.



Check this vid.


I’m clearly linking the short. If I pause the video after the second jab, rog is in the neutral cr. position. Doesn’t that mean I’ve got the link?


from what i saw in the video:

space your inputs more. you’re not giving yourself enough charge. you might also be inputting the headbutt cancel late.

if you have to, link 3 jabs before the short to make sure you have charge. if you’re jumping in, press :d: or :db: during your jump to start chargin early.


Find the rythm. If you want 3xjab into Headbutt you have to cancel the last jab very quickly.
So tapping on the buttons would sound like “tap,tap,ta-tap”. Don’t mash it and do the jabs as cancels, then the headbutt won’t work. They must be links.

When you do the crouching lp’s, hold the stick down/back to charge the headbutt. When you get to the “ta-tap” push the stick to up/BACK (not up/fwd). Headbutt should come out, and you’ll still keep charging so that you can juggle him into the Ultra at the correct time.

The Ultra juggle is a bitch to complete since you tend to either hit above or under the enemy alot. Have to time it exactly and do the fwd-back-fwd+3p (or 3k) motion almost in an instant.
If you hold the 3 kick buttons balrog will do uppercuts instead of “rush punches” giving you a bit more leeway.


if you’re jumping and fiercing in the air you might not be doing the headbutt cancel fast enough?

after watching the vid its def your timing + charge, try things ppl say here and it will click



Now I know why everybody online picks Ken. A jumping RH and mash some shoryuken motions and you’ve got an 7 hit combo. 400dmg!!

With your tips, went from 1 in every 300 attempts to 1 in every 20 (though with the sound off and looking at my hands, LOL)

This really begs me to ask this question… again. How many people are successfully doing this with a wireless pad (no stick, no keyboard)???

Everyone says this link is not tight, but i swear, im doing it the same rhythm over and over (BOP, BOP…BA-BOP) and if I’m off by a microsecond i get the jump.

Unforgiving with my controller I’m convinced!!!:mad: