Boxer in need of a viper sp

sup guys,

just asking if i can get a few/several viper sparring partners to help me learn and understand this matchup…my psn id is my signature, and i rarely fight viper players online…im training for final round 15, and i only have a couple months to get this matchup down to the point where i dont have to worry about it…im 1592pp/2994bp at the moment, if some of you thing that points can dictate a person’s playstyle…also feel free to offer constructive criticism as well!!! thanks! :china:

getting this MU down isnt your problem. even once you know the MU, its the player you really need to worry about. playstyles differ between players. an example would be wolfkrone and latif. latif rushes the crap out of you and makes you make mistakes while wolfkrone is more patient and waits for mistakes and opportunities for the most part. so you see knowing the MU against viper really isnt as effective as if you were learning a different MU

psn: lampshade09 if you wanna throw down

sorry for the late reply! ill add you later when i get home from school…btw are you east coast?