Boxer in need of elf sparring partner



hey guys,

need help learning this matchup b/c its very frustrating imo >:( my psn id is my signature so feel free to add me and lets have some matches…also feel free to give some constructive criticism as well and ill return the favor!! thanks!! :china:


I’d spar with you if you had an xbox…I really think that PC or 360 are the definitive platforms to play this game.

Trap the shit out of Elf, he has poor defense. Throw some TAPs to keep him from FA or EX run punish you too much. Keep him honest, and keep HIM guessing, not you.

Use headbutts sparingly, unless you see an unsafe tortilla or fajita. (or you hitconfirm)
Focus his tostada press and unsafe slides.

To be honest, knowing the ranges you can abuse dash punches on block and starting up your pressure game is all you really need to know…Other than that, just 50/50 backdash/focus backdash or tap/headbutt on wakeup to keep him honest…

Don’t turtle, if you are turtling…you are playing this one wrong…


:china: great advice sir…much appreciated


Yeah man. If I could spar you, or watch match videos I could actually specialize my commentary.

What I have said doesn’t do too much good, but hopefully you can implement a safer and more well developed MU.


i might do that in the future, but as of right now i dont have the equipment lol ive only been to a tourney once, (finalround14) and ran into a elf player…my buddy said that i destroyed him, but imo its a nightmare for boxer to guess…i actually turtled b/c of fears of RSF happening and punished all of mistakes accordingly


baited headbutt = RSF.
Focused rushpunches = RSF…
He can safe jump you to shit, and OS ultra you if he reads a wakeup/reversal TAP.
Shit, he can even meaty you to death on wakeup.

You have a LOT, to be afraid of…but by the same token, so does he. Be aware, not reckless, and this matchup won’t be hard.

Stay up, and maintain pressure. When you go down, or slip up, don’t lose your cool.


even with advice, im still very uncomfortable with this mu…it feels like a game of tag or something…frustrating >:( plus i havent even run into any elfs on psn


Take your time. Focus on slowing the game down to your pace. once you have the lead you can try to force him to making mistakes.