Boxer in need of gen sparring partner

sup guys,

in serious need of a gen sparring partner so that i can learn this matchup…gens on psn are super rare so it definitely be awesome to have a sp…my psn id is my signature and feel free to add me along with constructive criticism during matches!! thanks guys!! :china:

shout outs to psn id Shin_Ein!!! ggs as you can probably tell my anti airs suck:( could tell you knew that by abusing me with neutral jumps lol but all in all very ggs…looking for more in the future! :china:

Appreciate it Sir. GGs for sure. Nice jab pressure to shut me down up close and great job landing those ultras. It’s hard to AA online consistently but Boxer’s AA is really good, especially against Gen. AAing on reaction usually gets me my ass handed to me online so i usually only do it when i can read a jump-in. Losing 1/3 of my life for a failed AA, no thanks, lol. I dont have the life to spare. For you though, im pretty sure at worst you will trade hits, so generally it’s a good idea. Hit me up whenever!

We can run a first to 25 if you’d like

PSN: nubbbi

:eek:…that would be like 5-6 hours of matches lol

naw we can’t have no secrets out with the regulars. you shall not get any help here! smacks nubbi nubbi back to the 4th chamber you go… we do not share out kung fu in the genshin temple!
closes the door with a wind palm strike

the more gens, the merrier lol :nunchuck:

shot outs to nubb for the epic 9 games of me getting bodied :pray: my anti airs suck, hard time teching throws, and falling victim to meaty attacks :sweat: but good experience!! need that kind of pressure, so thanks dude…and i apologize for that ultra in the last game, last round…it was pure frustration lol

Ggs Yojimbo, Couple things I want to mention in our FT10

I don’t think it’s the matchup that you need work on, I think it’s your overall game, and I’m not trying to offend you when I say that, the reason being:

  • When I’m in the corner, you let me out by walking backwards full screen, don’t do that, KEEP your opponent there by doing these things:
    []Use your AA’s (anti-airs) if I try to jump out of the corner; Balrog has GREAT AA, many of them: C.hp,, headbutt, Ultra1.
    ]Use your dash straights. The only people who can punish it are grapplers, and people who have 3F reversals (if it’s blocked deep)
    [*]Use pokes accordingly; Rog’s jabs are 3Fs!
  • Another thing I think you need to work on is offensive mix ups. When you get in on me you do a lot of the same things; blockstrings, tick grabs, normals. There are I think 2 things you do repeatedly;
    []Your blockstring: c.jab > c.jab > > walk backwards.
    ]Either 1 or 2 jabs into a grab, usually 1 jab though.
    So what I would suggest is maybe do more ticks before a grab (change up the pattern), do different blockstrings with frame traps (c.lp >, or even c.jab > c.jab > walkbackwards to see what I’m going to do, if it’s unsafe, punish it, but don’t do a blockstring then walk away from all it all.
    Some broad tips would be:
  • Stop walking backwards so much, you put yourself in the corner.
  • Mixup your dash straights, TAPs (turn around punches), smashes, overheads (you tend to do TAPs fullscreen)
  • Take time to read what your opponent is doing.
  • Work on safe jumps
    The only thing I think you had trouble with against Gen is his crossups.

Hey nubbb I’m down for a FT10 if you want to play the mirror match.


Yeah let’s do it, add me on PSN, make sure you put a message saying you’re from SRK, because if I don’t recognize you I won’t add you haha, I’m down to play tonight

ok I just added you! =D

hey nubbb!! just watching the scr stream and saw your match against hugo101 :wink: