Boxer looking for a seth sparring partner

sup guys,

rog looking for seth training partners to help me learn this matchup…imo its super frustrating ugh…my psn id is my signature so feel free to add me!! and offer constructive criticism as well!! thanks guys :china:

I’d offer, but my stick is broken atm :frowning: What is it that’s causing you frustration?

well i guess the main point is that i dont really run into any seth players while im online o_O and when i actually fight a good seth i dont know what to do…his dive kick is very deceiving and his pressure game is insane…just want to fight seths to get experience for the matchup

Crouching fierce kills all of Seth’s jumps. EX Headbutt beats SRK and SPD.

id offer to help but im on XBL. i need help in the rog matchup too haha.

i know for sure that his lighting legs is big time punisable on block, but the thing that bothers me the most is the dive kick since he can do it on both sides so its a guessing game on which way to block…thanks for the tip on exheadbutt :china:

ah dang :frowning:

hey apparently my stick wasn’t busted… and with that in mind, it seems like it’s the stick that won’t die. and I guess that means I can play. I’m on the west coast though, running with a wireless connection. Which state are you in?

GA :sad: have a feeling like our connections are gonna suck but lets try anyways

Dang I’m in GA, but I’m on XBL. I could definitely use some practice with the Rog match up.


I’ve had decent matches with people on the east coast. I wanna say even with folks from GA. but that was when I was using a wired connection. feel free to add me anyway. I’ll be on today.