Boxer looking for claw sparring partner

sup claw players,

just looking for some claw players to help me learn the matchup of boxer v. claw…feel free to offer constructive criticism as well and ill return the favor…PSN id is my signature so just add me!! thanks guys :china:

where you live?


lol I’m from atlanta myself. Live in cali currently though

i would if it were XBL but PSN cross country is unplayable.

:eek: thanks man lol yeah i believe you on that one…im training for final round 15 and i only have a couple months to learn all the character matchups for boxer

Not if you’re wired and don’t use Walmart internet…

Anyway, I live in FL and would be happy to play you sometime. My PSN is the same as my SRK handle.

This sounds like the best Personal Ad ever. I would deffo help you train, but I’m only on XBL :<

im at 1500pp/2900 bp now but im willing to put up fights lol :nunchuck:

i’m wired with the fastest internet available from shitcast.
but honestly, someone that lives 30 min from me is unplayable online.
PSN in general is unplayable online.
XBL is slightly better but still pretty much unplayable if you’re playing someone outta the state… or if the state is big, half the state.

but that’s probably why i don’t play much anymore… i only really play offline

You know what Vegaman? I have Shitcast too and let me tell you… They are the worst fucking ISP I’ve ever had to deal with. When it’s working correctly then the speeds are fine, but when it goes down? It goes down and stays down for hours and hours.

I don’t know what my PSN PP is, but on PC version it’s like 3k something. Points don’t really matter though =D

dusts self off it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted. I’m willing to help u out Yojimbo, Im in Nyc and get a good connection with most everyone on the east coast. PSN is StopBeingCHEEP, and if player points really matter to u im +3k but i suck…

Vegaman u still here i see, SRK should post a statuette pic of u on top of the vega forums lol

the sad thing… is that their quality is the best available here in norcal where I live. I’d leave in a heartbeat if i found better service.

105 down 20 up my ass

sweet!! ill send an add when i get home :china:

these forums (even though some people may disagree) still provide lots of useful info. as long as there’s something to learn I’ll be here, which means i’ll pretty much be here forever because I have a bad short term memory lol.

ggs to rugalitarian…i apologize for my connections o_O kinda got excited there for a moment b/c i thought i did do rogs os armor ultra b/c when you did claws roll, i did ex upper and sound like i absorbed a hit, then the ultra came out…looking to more games in the future!! btw did you go to finalround in Atlanta last year?

forgot to mention, but imo it feels like boxer v. claw is a downright footsies war!! so do you guys feel like that as well?

i feel is a bait the jump over poke war.

That wasn’t an armor cancel ultra haha. I was kind of being a jerk and wanted to spare your life because if I didn’t fadc you would have died from rest of the rolling crystal flash… But it backfired on me when your ultra came out :frowning:

Gg though we’ll play again when your connection is fixed!

poor boxer doesnt have a chance against vega…

but i love the match up

Balrog has 7 things at his disposal from an incoming airbound vega

  1. Head Butt Grab - solved by properly timing the air grab
  2. Jumping MP/HP - solved by going up and over with air grab, opting to slash instead of grab, or faking FBA and doing a SHC to a Rog ready for anti-air action
  3. Standing Upper cut - Solve by flying over and slashing, or flying up and around and back and grabbing, or faking FBA to SHC
  4. Spin Punch - solved by following him over for the grab
  5. Buffalo Head butt jump - solved by flying up and over so he jumps in the wrong direction, or flying higher and grabbing him at the top of it
  6. Crouching Strike - solved by slashing or a carefully timed grab, or closing distance with a CH
  7. FA - Solved with a more precise grab slightly behind his stance, or by EXFBAing to double claw strike

Balrog has the following 5 moves

  1. Charging of some sort - solved by spacing and ST’s all day long , or FAing no breaking charges, or standing LK to kara throw
  2. EX Charging of some sort - solved with Cr MP-EXFBA or EX FBA to his back wall and returning for a drop, or any ST
  3. Head butt Jumping thingy - solved with a throw on land or an ST on the way down, or some EXFBA combo
  4. Spin Punch - solved with a sweep, or mp/hp crf, or ST, or Early-release lvl2 FA
  5. jab. jab EX overhead downward smashing punch thingy or whatever - - ST as soon as he leans back for a smash, or throw at that moment

am i missing anything?

tell me your strategy to beating vega, i’ve yet to meet it

i guess this can be viewed as a punishment list from my mistakes lol