Boxer Match up - What to punish?

Hi there guys,

*(Personal info, Question below)
Pretty new to street fighter, played 5 off and on at a friend’s house over the last few months and decided to commit and really get into fighting games.
Anyways, pick up Ibuki because one of the few characters that clicked with me.
I can’t do any of these crazy bomb combos or long combos in general (brain and fingers still getting used to the muscle memory), sometimes even mess up target combo into Raida. I know, I’m a Super bronze scrub, but training mode is slowly ironing the kinks.
I am a bit of a numbers nerd, so I love frame data and knowing what is punishable and what is safe to throughout.
After learning to deal with the crazy DP characters that breed in Bronze low leagues (Ryu, Ken, etc) and make my way to Sliver I’m starting to run into characters where it’s not super clear on what I can punish (Vega, Laura, etc).

What should I be trying to punish on Boxer?
I figured out the overhead is unsafe (unless my opp did something wrong) I normally can get a Target Combo + Rida off for each one I manage to react to and block.

What about the dash punch? Is that safe on block or can I make the pay for throwing it out without thought?

If anyone has a resource that list that describes what as Ibuki you should be trying to punish on which characters (Or punishes for characters in general) would be very appreciated.

I still can’t do these touch of death combos as Ibuki so knowing this information is really helpful to me in games as I’m still finding it hard to apply constant pressure and often find myself winning games by taking advantage of my opp’s mistakes.

(I understand this won’t be the case I go higher up in the leagues and I will have to learn to open up people and force to make mistakes, but one step at a time lol)

Its a bit of experience but dash punches can be punished with st lk hk dp if they werent done from max range
overhead and the regular one from v-skill as well
the low one with cr mp xx special
tc cr mk cr mk

i have made a list vs balrog cause i hate him lol :slight_smile:


button on block with notes
cr hp -5
cr hk -14
dash straight -4 -7
cr mk cr mk -6
kkb buffalo swing -4
kkb buffalo pressure -6
dash low -7
screw smash -10
s mk mp -8
lk mk -7
lk mk hk -8
smk s mp mp+mk (p -8
smk s mp mp+mk (k) -8
smk s mp mp+mk -17

-end turn
st hp -3
cr mk -2
tap lvl1/lvl -1 -2
charging/bursting buffalo -2

So punish dash punches with St lk -> hk dp
overhead the same or use Target Combo + Raida?

The low sweep can be punished with cMP into Raida ?

Not sure what you mean by ‘tc cr mk cr mk’

Thanks for the information, hopefully put this to good use in the training and games.

yes correct,yiu will need to practice this since its strict for dash punches.
if you can use tc raida its better since it does more damage.
yes low -6 so cr mp can punish it if youre quick.

target combo cr mk cr mk one all balrogs do.
when using it with v trigger its not punishable i think