BOXER ninja nerfed ? can somebody confirm?

Ok so just yesterday I was doing the coner Ultra KPKKK fine now today after the wiff hit and I try to K hit him it wiffs and he falls behind me has he secretly gotten his wall ultra nerfed ? Its seems I can no longer corner ultra and hit even 3 outa the 5 hits someone please confirm this .

How would there have been any sort of nerf when the game hasn’t been updated?

When your opponent’s in the corner, you need to let them drop down a little further than normal before you do your Ultra. If you do it how you normally would, there’s a good chance you’ll zoom under them at some point.

or you could do ppkkk just to be safe i thought people knew this?

I usually don’t reply to these quick answer threads…

KPKKK doesn’t work on certain characters because the way SF4 handles models/hitboxes.

Guarantee that Boxer and Honda will have them wiff behind your Boxer during a corner ultra with that combination.

Like Dysan said, how can you nerf something that hasn’t been updated…

he joined december 08. basically an 09’er. i say we neg him.!

lol chill out ppls ok i mighta missed the fact that the combo in question is character specific so i was really wondering why i missed and just thought irrationally sorry lmfao

PPKKK works for all :smiley: