Boxer problem lookin for Boxer advice

So i’m pretty much new to the game and don’t win a lot so ive been trying to get as much advice as i can.

a buddy said im too aggresive and i throw too many empty dash, upper, smash etc. out and that i need to abuse my lp more and normals.

i play aggressive because im currently ass at anti airs so id rather keep my enemy on the ground as much as i can. but i always get out footsied with the cr. lp because low attack hit boxes beat it right out.

so what should i be doing with my pressure game, i cant get in without a few dash straits or TAPS : /

My advice is the opposite of your approach. You have issues with anti air so put yourself into situations where an opponent can and will exploit that. Put yourself into real situations that challenge yourself which is imo how u truely get better. Your friend also is not explaining the game to you properly by the sounds of it. Footsies and the most basic way i can explain it is jumping, throwing out normals, walking or dashing. Normals keep them out but leave u open to jump ins, doing nothing but walking around with no normals is usually a bait for you to jump in so u can advance with walking sometimes even dashing if they’re very passive and dashing/walking tends to get stuffed by normals. Do not simply exclude an aspect of your game just because you are weak at it, overcome it with practice. Play to get better and if its tournament then your way is better…you are playing to win.

I can not answer your question as I do not see you play nor do i play you. Watch replays/youtube of various named rogs and analyze what they do, when they do it and why. Look at everything they do as a calculation especially if they’re playing somebody they do not play on a regular basis. Examples are PR rog vs like say Tokido as they obviously rarely play. Some might say to watch iceage play but in all honesty i do not consider it a good idea simply because I guarantee 3/4 of the people he plays he knows, has played countless times and the match is somewhat fixed based on those facts.

It might also help to become familiar with Balrog’s tools in isolation. For example, play a match using only normals, or by not jumping or only two buttons. Playing like that may also help you become more familiar in knowing when to press what button. Boxer has the easiest AA in the game (next to Sakura) cr.hp is your general purpose AA, there’s only one or two characters where cr.hp may or may not work (Gief and Viper come to mind).

i know Cr.hp is one of the best normal anti airs in the game, but the only problem i have with it is when im being crossed up. if i do it fast enough as they jump will it stuff out there cross up altogether?

You can either walk back slightly and press cr.hp if there is enough time to do so before you get hit, or you could just use j.hp (what people usually call jump back fierce). J.hp whilst jumping away is a pretty safe way of beating random crossups but you need to have good reactions in order to use it effectively. The major benefit of using j.hp is that if the opponent didn’t jump in, you’re still quite safe as you’re jumping away unless you’re cornered, in which case you should just use cr.hp/ The downside of using j.hp is a bit less obvious, you’re giving up space and getting closer and closer to the corner which is quite bad. Also punish neutral jump with headbutt/cr.hp depending on range (headbutt for long range).

Yeap, probably the best advice anyone could give and how could you go wrong when its endorsed by Mike “Get in dat ass” Ross. IIRC, one of the first things Mike did when starting playing Honda, was to win matches by using only normals.

Thanks for all the advice guys, been spending a lot of time in training mode since i made this thread :stuck_out_tongue: haha