Boxer Questions

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I didn’t see a general Boxer Q&A thread.

I’m picking him up because I really think he fits my play style. Here are some questions I have for anyone who wants to give me advice…

**1. Does he have any super useful Option Selects? Ones that you’ll need to utilize every match? From what I see none of the Rogs I watch really use OS’ all that much. **

…adding to that…

2. I don’t see a whole lot of Rogs doing anything “advanced” for that matter. Maybe I’m watching the wrong videos, but he seems like a character that just has a really good move set and you just kind of roll with that. Am I wrong?

…and lastly…

3. I know it’s early in 2012’s life, but is Boxer tournament viable still? Or are those days kind of done?

Thanks and sorry again if this is in the wrong spot.

Bump? Eh? No?

The most useful OS Balrog has is his OS sweep to catch backdashes on jump in. Personally, I haven’t focused much on any other OS for Balrog because they’re too situational and I need to concentrate on other things.

As far as advanced things with Balrog, he’s really a tank. He’s highly footsie orientated and defensive, but can be played rush down with some success. He doesn’t have a cross-up, so there’s no mind games there and his only overhead is extremely visible and easily blocked. Some players mess around with throwing out the overhead after a couple blocked jabs, but skilled players block accordingly and it’s not safe. But like I said, he’s a tank that’s really solid. His anti-air is the best in the game and his jab is too. For more “advanced” Balrog techniques, it’s all about his long 1F link combos and EX Upper loops. Balrog can really pump out some damage from a mere jab, which beats pretty much everything.

I feel that Balrog still has tourney potential, but he’s been kind of dropped or at least been put in a back-up position. There are a handful of popular characters that give Rog are real hard time and I think that has pushed people away. Though there are us diehards that refuse to give up! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Really great stuff!

Despite the linear style to Balrog I like to think that I play him tricky… Well, as tricky as a casual nub can…

There are quite a few advanced techniques that do not involve RU Loops.

Here’s but a few.

Some players are actually capable of crossing up using JLK - He has no TRUE crossup so it may be range or character specific, but people are aware of it here on the forums and it does get used.

Referring to above crossup, I actually managed to 100% crossup a Bison using JRH - The reasons how or why are unknown, but it happened, so it’s quite possible this could be replicated if someone was willing to test in the training room. The Bison was stand-blocking and didn’t execute any moves, so there’s no fancy reasons.


Balrog can dash under FA Crumple airborne recovery in the corner on most of the cast. Example, if you happen to land a crumple in or near the corner, you can wait then throw out a delayed CMK to hit them into airbourne recovery, forward dash under them and this effectively works as a ‘dash under’ crossup. If they block incorrectly, you land a free combo from the other side.

You can force stand with CSMP - As far as I’m aware, if used to blow up crouch-techs or done meaty, you land yourself a free standing JAB combo of your choice (Someone will need to re-explain / confirm this, I’m unsure if it works against late techs etc).

Thanks to my experimentation in the training room about 1-2 months ago it was decided that Balrog has a great benefit from late-charging on L3 Focus attacks - In short any charge character can start charging a move at the extreme end of a Focus Attack (When it becomes uncancellable) - If you input a dash at that point, you wont dash during the FA but only after it connects (If it connects at all) - This led me to having a lot of fun using L3FA’s into fully charged moves. This isn’t very viable in actual proper fights as landing an L3 FA is often only going to happen against either braindead players, or people in dizzy, but it can have fun results and some pretty slick looking combo’s if you want to be fancy. It also makes it EXTREMELY EASY for even beginners (If capable of landing an L3 FA) to perform dash Ultra/Super or any Dash Move, including a downcharged headbutt… Ever see Balrog forward dash into a headbutt? Looks fucked up, but extremely easy. Only thing that looks sillier is a Crumple Forward Dash Overhead Standing Jab Headbutt Ultra. Can see what Im talking about at the 1:55 mark.


Relating to above point, you can headbutt off a few of his standing normals. You can headbutt from standing jab, standing lk, close.standing forward (Which actually hits harder than the common CMP Headbutt punish).

In short, Balrog may be straightforward and linear but there’s no doubt about it - He requires just as much learning as the majority of the cast - This is what I love about him - How everyone believes Balrog is a boring, linear straightforward bruiser and yet we’re still disecting him and finding new tricks to add to his kit.

Ironically this doesn’t change the fact that it’s generally more beneficial to play a defensive tank Balrog over a rushdown in most cases - But that doesn’t mean the Rogster can’t be an absolute wrecking ball in rush-down.

He’s just too much fun.


Those are super useful videos. Thanks so much!

Really appreciate all the help.

for what its worth, Balrog is the least meter dependent character in the game. All of his depth revolves around the stuff you can do with meters and how you plan on using them to your advantage. A lot of the time if you want to rush down, you can spend your meter on all sorts of shennanigans.

Oh, and you really don’t ever need to jump with balrog.

  1. Boxer does have some useful os’s but most are very situational and/or character specific.

OS sweep is perhaps the most important. It’s simple, but effective.

The Viper specific OS is quiet useful in that matchup. The simple setup is after a forward throw, dash forward immediately after the throw animation, empty jump forward, on landing you want to cr.lp ~ cs.hp. This beats all of vipers options except her fierce version of her super.

OS tap is good against teleport-happy players. Ie; Bison’s.

  1. Solid play will get you far with Balrog. There’s very little you can do to mix up your opponent compared to most of the rest of the cast. Balrog obviously can’t cross up, it’s very difficult to start a combo from a low attack (, and his counter-hit setups are ass. I usually do my best to learn match-ups as well as possible and play the match accordingly.

  2. AE2012 is quiet balanced IMO. Balrog had what it takes to get far in a tournament but he lacks the tools to mix up an opponent with mind games.

I’ve dropped Balrog several times out of frustration lol.

Thanks to everyone for the help.

This is super newbie of me, but how do you do the OS sweep? I’ve heard conflicting things from different people and I can’t find a tutorial on it anywhere.



Any tricks I should be aware of?


jab O/S sweep