Boxer related humor is making me stomach hurt

WARNING: These one page comics are about Boxer and how much of a rediculous stereotype he is. If you’re one to get easily offended by racial humor involving a sterotypical character doing sterotypical things, don’t use the link I posted above.

Overview: Soooooooo, I was looking at the fighting game board on GameFAQs and noticed a topic named “Ahdventuas uf BARLOG da BAXER.” posted by a user with the same name. Said poster appeared a few weeks ago and has become notorious for being a rediclous parody of Boxer. Everything he posts is in first person as if he is Boxer and in extremely poor English. This topic entailed him posting random comics about Boxer and eventually about other games. Also, three of them are about GameFAQs members who everyone hates. Two of them are about a guy named Orgy, who is an extreme SNK fanboy, and one is about Nike, a guy who constantly posts about how SvC Chaos should be brought to America. I suppose it might be a tad to GameFAQsian for y’all to enjoy, but I posted it anyways.


I loved the SNK/SSBM/SVC Chaos more than anything else…


“Go back to learning extremely complicated combos and moves like Hadouken and Sonic Boom”

:rofl: @ Nike’s genious plan for SVC.

Probably the best thing out of gamefaqs in awhile…

… and I got paid.


oh shit, some of those were actually pretty fucking funny

Sadly, I think people will find the SNK\SSBM jokes more offensive than the stereotype.

I’m honestly surprised that TheOrgy still isn’t permabanned from GFAQs.

yeah, this is the only good thing I’ve seen on the GFaqs FG Board in a long time

No one EVER get permabanned from GameFAQs. I know this one fellow there who posted shit about how he supports terrorists, and he’s been banned at least ten times by now, yet, the moderators haven’t KoSed him yet. The moderators there are an odd bunch.

Marvel Vs. Street Fighter flashback!

David Krase uploaded this image to

the cvs2 kyo pot shot was great.

w0rd, that was my favorite one.

kof kyo is scrubby as fuck compared to cvs2 kyo

“C’Mon, GULLEY!”

I love when people call him 'Gulley", lol


yeah that was funny as hell. Pretty good web comic, but a few smiles on my face. I loved the SSBM and KOF rants to.

Has anyone ever heard Guile pronounced, “Gwill” before?

I have.

Seems like this one in particular was tailor made for Dark Geese :rofl:

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Except that Dark Geese doesn’t go around insulting Capcom games

I don’t know if I’m weird like that…but the one about Akuma’s stamina made me laugh the most out of all of them.

Sir BAXER posted a new comic a couple of hours ago, just so ye all know, though, you definately need knowledge of the GameFAQs fighting game board to understand it.

as someone who occasionally frequents the gamefaqs boards, I have to say LOL

“Yuh wanna eat my CDs?”

watermelon “GIMME DAT!”


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

P.S. Why is Balrog’s crotch so…specific? Homo no jitsu…