Boxer SFII

Just started Boxer, just wanna what are his pokes, AA, and over all strats?

Which version of SFII?

For ST, check the wiki:

The HF version is a bit thin.

I was thinking about CE, since that’s the only game niggas play on ggpo.

:confused: You mean ST right? The ST room is full 24/7.

CE Balrog sucked more than any other version IIRC.

Best characters in CE are Bison, Guile, Sagat, Ryu. More or less in that order. HF has a better Balrog.

Any Balrog without a super sucks. I’ve never seen anyone in the CE room. Ever.

You’d think Koreans would be all up in the CE room or something. They still play that game hardcore there and in China too. Real man’s SF.

CE? Really? There are so many better choices in CE then Balrog, anyone other then Gief would do.

Besides, i’m sure your talking about ST since ST actually has people on it consistently, whereas with CE the room could have a handful of people or be completely dead.

Ever since I’ve been on CE generally has players while HF has none. I play Anniversary edition and CE has players.

Sanjuro, you a John Zorn fan?

His best AA’s are Buffalo headbutts, Cr.FP, and if they jump in from a distance, St,mp ( barely ever happens though )… Also his best pokes ar, and and LP standing or crounching snuffs out blanka rolls, honda head butts and psycho crushers if timed right. Dont ever use FP.BHB from far away to go through projectiles cause you will get punished. dont predictably do buffalo headbutts at all cause that is wat people look for to counter. I play ST on ggpo all night. I use ken and rog.

GGPO-obryant… soong to be eG SyphoN

I can only speak on HF and it has been a while. Oh boy. Uhm. IIRC:

-Good pokes are S.Fierce (great range, quick enough, can stuff some shit from start up and can be a mean follow up after tap/rush straight), c.forward, c.strong, c.roundhouse has reach…both jabs…s.short is part of your BnB
-anti-airs: s.strong does an anti-air-like thing. c.fierce also has an anti-air like animation, but IIRC the hitboxes are weird. s.fierce spaced correct is a monster. Play with it.
-s.short, s.short xx rush punch is one of your BnBs (or was it c.short, c.short? See how long it’s been!). Bitch to set up since you gotta be close or land a jump in (LOL!).
-E.Honda works you. HHS makes you stupid dead. In HF Boxer has no easy solution for it. None of Boxer’s normals can poke Honda out of it. No specials will get you through it. You need to hope for a well spaced j.roundhouse to land, but that’s getting up and over the HHS hitboxes and landing it early (which can potentially allow Honda to reset HHS unless you can pressure him from that position). Add on top of that that HF Honda can move while HHS. Just mentioning this match up because it was Boxer’s worst in the game.

This is the days of pre-buffalo guys. Your spacing needed to be on point to make up for it. You still have TAP, rush and that follow up s.Fierce – so you could still make an offensive pressure game happen.

That’s all I can remember. I haven’t played HF boxer in so long though. It’s HF though…I don’t even remember CE boxer.

CE? CE?!? Only Guile, Dictator players and Koreans play CE… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Look for the Korean CE stream for real though. It can be entertaining. They are the OG Street Fighter live streamers.